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Health insurance how to get?"I'd two car accidents - one in illinois in summer 2004 and the different in florida in summer 2005Cash-value lifeinsurance is more expensive than expression insurance just because a. It's generally sold to seniors who've greater death. T. higher costs of interest are earned on term coverage assets. c. Life time is subject to adverse selection. d. The entire life deals incorporate both a savings or investment aspect plus a safety element. e. none of the aforementioned. Is this one C? Previous initiatives to handle the increasing discrepancy between tax-paying employees and social protection receivers have included a. increasing the social protection (FICA) tax rate. b. Increasing the utmost revenue susceptible to the social security duty. H. Improving the standard retirement. d. Difficult element of security benefits. e. The above all. This 1 ELIZABETH? The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) includes provisions a. Allow continuation of class healthinsurance by workers and certain dependents upon selected events' event. T. apply to all employers presenting party healthinsurance to personnel. c. Demand an employer to pay the expense of continuing employees' medical insurance for approximately three years. d. allows terminated employees to keep their group health insurance for 3 years. Elizabeth. The above all. This one ELIZABETH?Issue of a car accident insurance?Could I acquire my own auto aswell and go onto my Fathers car insurance?What's a good insurance for wisdom teeth extraction?Is this typical for property insurance?"Protection doesnt start working until january although I recently signed up for insurance through my work several days before. My wife went along to the doctor today