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Brilliantfiction 《I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot》 - Chapter 2313 - No Woman Is Worthy of Him class screw quote-p2 atlantic narratives modern short stories Novel-I'm Secretly Married to a Big Shot-I'm Secretly Married to a Big ShotChapter 2313 - No Woman Is Worthy of Him large horsesHe transformed around and looked at the girl behind him.Deep-down, he had been a lolicon and liked lolitas.The girl was pretty and fresh, like a newbie bloom.He would like him too if he was a gal. The Dozen from Lakerim “You only spotted him one time, and also you ended up very young then. I remember that you just were actually less than 10 years old. Remember what he appeared like?”“Mm, it is him.” Yan Shaoqing smiled. “You still remember him.”Yan Shaoqing got various relatives, and this also one was his favored.Lin Wanwan felt unpleasant at the thought of this.She got a deep perception of Mo Yesi from initially they satisfied.Also the most spectacular mankind around her couldn’t compare with him.No lady was worthy of him. mr rosenblum's list This is why he helped bring her alongside.Yan Shaoqing smiled. “That’s accurate. Any lady can have an in-depth sense of my Following Bro’s face. Sigh, you young ladies, irrespective of age, like good-appearing people.”The young lady was pretty and younger, much like a future rose.She wished to see what the gal who s.n.a.t.c.hed her Prince Captivating checked like.Lin Wanwan pursed her mouth and kept silent.Lin Wanwan believed irritating at thinking about this.Lin Wanwan held tranquil for some time. She recalled some scenes and nodded shyly. “Mm, I recall.”Lu Rao looked at Yan Shaoqing’s indignant term and shook his head.Lin Wanwan observed not comfortable at thinking about this.The young lady was pretty and fresh, for instance a newbie rose.She planned to see precisely what the girl who s.n.a.t.c.hed her Prince Wonderful looked like.Lin Wanwan felt awkward at thinking about this.It absolutely was a pity that she was impeded by Yan Shaoqing.Lin Wanwan stored noiseless for a short time. She recalled some scenarios and nodded shyly. “Mm, I remember.”The lady was pretty and fresh, such as a newbie flower.Yan Shaoqing had various relatives, and this also one was his favored.The woman was pretty and fresh, just like a future plant.Lin Wanwan pursed her mouth area and preserved quiet.As a gentleman, Yan Shaoqing has also been very surprised by Mo Yesi’s appearance.The Prince Fabulous she’d been secretly in love with for numerous decades obtained hitched before she even obtained the chance to overcome for him.