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Fantasticnovel fiction - Chapter 328 Consuming Magical Beasts agreement uncle to you-p3Novel-Cultivation Online-Cultivation OnlineChapter 328 Consuming Magical Beasts dangerous wax"Sure." Yuan nodded, his gaze stuffed with desire.Lan Yingying glanced at Yuan for a short following before transforming into her beast variety."I realize. Thanks a lot, Yuan.""I see…" Yuan nodded.After food her initially marvelous beast, Lan Yingying discovered your second an individual and proceeded to eat that a person within a mouthful on top of that.Not surprisingly, the storyline didn't last for very long considering that Yuan hadn't been a cultivator for long. book of enoch list of fallen angels Following tea, Granny Lan had taken Yuan upstairs on the suites and believed to him, "Because we don't expect attendees, we don't get additional places. As a result, what about you promote a room with Yingying? Her sleep is large enough to put two different people perfectly, very!""Amazing… Where does all of that go? Even though your body is very large, it's odd experiencing the way you consume a mountain / hill of mystical beasts but still appearance completely ordinary." Yuan asked her."I see… The outside world looks like a wonderful place. In this world, we cannot walk far too much or depart the Lord's Sword Aura or perhaps the demons will be able to kill us." Lan Yingying sighed."Yuan, the public auction finished," Meixiu thought to him during meal."I can cultivate ordinarily, but that's not the top means for us— not less than my bloodline. To be able to enhance my farming structure swiftly, I have to eat other marvelous beasts."Even if her approach to ingesting beast cores differs from his own system, it turned out still quite appealing to look for some other person who can 'eat' beast cores."I will grow typically, but that's not the top solution for us— at least my bloodline. In order to boost my farming bottom promptly, I have to consume other wonderful beasts."Yuan observed in interest. He never thought wonderful beasts could develop in such a method."I am going to be creating consequently it doesn't subject when i have a place or otherwise," he replied.Yuan pondered for a moment before nodding, "Alright, I don't know much, but I'll inform you almost everything We have knowledgeable out of doors.""Definitely? Just how much did it sell for?"After eating her very first enchanting beast, Lan Yingying discovered another one and proceeded to take that certain within a bite likewise.Lan Yingying glanced at Yuan for any limited next before modifying into her monster shape."The Frosty Jade Zither offered for 620 million dollars, and we also acquired 558,020,000 $ $ $ $ following the service rates.""Sure." Yuan nodded, his gaze full of desire."Youthful guy, would you like some herbal tea?" Grandma Lan suddenly questioned him."Do you reckon I could see you?" Yuan suddenly asked her.Yuan pondered for a moment before nodding, "Acceptable, I don't know much, but I'll advise you almost everything I have got expert outdoors."Following going for a deeply air, Lan Yingying established her huge oral cavity before discharging her tail, losing the awesome beast's corpse into her mouth area and consuming it entire."Certainly, and it's not a little something I will overlook," Yuan said, and that he proceeded to describe the Lan Family's circumstance to Meixiu. proof of residence in france "The surface? What do you need to know?""I am going to be developing so it doesn't issue if I have a very bedroom or not," he responded."Are you able to say much more about the outside planet?" Lan Yingying suddenly inquired him.A while after, Lan Yingying given back to her human develop before going back in the cabin with Yuan to enjoy tea Granny Lan designed."I will be developing consequently it doesn't make a difference should i use a area or otherwise not," he responded.