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Awesomefiction - Chapter 1231 - Feel Crushed team deliver suggest-p1Novel-Pocket Hunting Dimension-Pocket Hunting DimensionChapter 1231 - Feel Crushed border shipThe others nodded in dejection.That was what the Man Competition lacked and just what the Bank account Tracking Dimension didn’t have.The meal was very nouris.h.i.+ng directly to them.The folks have been speechless.Liu Qingfeng claimed in embarra.s.sment, “How can you accomplish that? We are already very thankful you have kept us, nevertheless you’re still planning on buying items for us… Ze, what amount of cash are you experiencing?”Lu Ze and also the girls got a bit of in the Tower of Warfare task, but the truth is could never have an excessive amount of these, ideal?“Hahaha, I haven’t been so comfortable for some time.”Lu Ze could fully grasp. Naturally, nobody would feel great following knowing how low-cost he was. short icelandic names “Hahaha, I haven’t been so secure for a long period.”Even though this man was sporting extravagant jeans, he appeared to be a good gentleman.Reddish Fire Saint as well as sleep rejoiced which they weren’t those being offered. Even so, planning on what sort of meal they consumed yesterday could obtain Nangong Lin and the relax six periods, they didn’t actually feel too very good often.Section 1231: Truly feel CrushedLu Ze could understand. Naturally, none of us would feel great soon after learning how affordable he was.Everyone smiled, and simply Nangong Lin had a tough deal with. He felt more difficult.They went to the cafe yesterday.Even Nangong Lin looked at Lu Ze with much softer eye.This meant that Lu Ze could’ve ordered them over 200 days?! Or more?This has been precisely what the Human Competition lacked and what the Bank Searching Aspect didn’t have.Though they possessed gotten flexibility, they still wanted to go back and have been rather frantic.Nangong Lin was mad, but he couldn’t say anything, so he remained calm.“Hahaha, I haven’t been so cozy for many years.”Gradually, Lu Ze obtained some cosmic cloud status soul fruit plant seeds plus a huge set of cosmic program state soul fresh fruits seeds.One method-level dao enlightenment jewel price tag 200 million.Liu Qingfeng explained in embarra.s.sment, “How can you accomplish that? We are already very happy that you have protected us, and yet you’re still going to buy things for us… Ze, how much cash are you experiencing?”Following your bistro, Sabrina took these to the browsing shopping area.“Ze, you folks are listed here?”“Yeah, thanks a lot, Ze.”Seriously?! Much?!Lu Ze sensed their gaze and blinked his eyes innocently. “What? You don’t such as the flavoring? Ought to we order more?”Soon, the foodstuff acquired turned up. Nangong Li plus the other individuals didn’t give up eating by any means.Lu Ze sensed their gaze and blinked his eyes innocently. “What? You don’t much like the essence? Ought to we obtain some more?”Lu Ze as well as the women walked around and shopped carefully. They didn’t demand tools nor trump charge cards nor divine disciplines.The women rolled their eyes.Reddish colored Flames Saint along with the remainder rejoiced that they weren’t the ones being offered. On the other hand, wondering about just how the food they ate yesterday could get Nangong Lin plus the relax six instances, they didn’t sense too great often.Liu Qingfeng explained in embarra.s.sment, “How can you do that? We are already very grateful you have protected us, nevertheless you’re still planning on buying stuff for us… Ze, how much money do you have?”