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Epicfiction - Chapter 1402 - Senior Song, it’s been a thousand years. Are you still well? load lunch to you-p3Novel-Cultivation Chat Group-Cultivation Chat GroupChapter 1402 - Senior Song, it’s been a thousand years. Are you still well? provide beautifulHe didn’t know much concerning the forces around the world of farming the majority of the knowledge he experienced got their start in the items in the conversation inside the 9 Provinces Best Team.He wasn’t some reincarnation or resurrection of the massive picture. This were affirmed by both Wielder with the Will Striped Dragon and Senior White Two.The heavens switched darkish.Afterward, she and Track Shuhang sat side-by-side by the windowpane, gazing at the night-time look at outside the house.Melody Shuhang and Soft Feather sneaked into his area. Despite the fact that Papa Music and Mama Melody acquired forgotten about him, Melody Shuhang’s room were preserved… Perhaps it was actually their instinct.“Sneak back home? Can’t you simply directly go your home?” Smooth Feather thought about.Gentle Feather smiled gently. “Senior Music, you already know me very well~ Hahaha~”“However, Daoist Supreme’s hobby isn’t actually to draw in manga.” Smooth Feather chuckled, and claimed, “The good reason that he gets manga is to go after Fairy Setting sun Snowfall.”…Fairy Setting sun Snowfall finally couldn’t keep back, and personally attended the Eastern side Chinese suppliers Water to consider the writer with the manga-in her own thoughts and opinions, this author of the manga should simply be an average individual. After she grabbed the author, she might have additional special event bring the subsequent matter regardless of. They simply went over to acquire some d.a.m.n components, do you know why was it consuming them such a long time?“However, Daoist Supreme’s pastime isn’t actually to draw manga.” Soft Feather chuckled, and stated, “The reasons why he extracts manga should be to practice Fairy Sunset Snow.”The virtuous lamia and Fairy Design were reviewing the other person intently it had been undiscovered what was around the two fairies’ intellects.Song Shuhang damaged his head, and next solemnly claimed, “I’m reluctant which we won’t have a chance to trade remarks together.”Other Daoist Tyrannical Song is 18 yrs old?“We shall connect with all over again on the Immortal Feast.” The girl in the very long skirt waved at Tune Shuhang, then remaining it hire retail outlet with the two ladies.It really can’t be potential!2 years down the road, Fairy Setting sun Snow became the women of the head trainer of your Immortal Sword Pavilion.The Bright Dragon lightly inquired, “Is there a single thing specific relating to this comic?”So, by following signs, she prevailed in locating this writer in the manga, Daoist Superior.To be able to achieve the favour of fairy Sunset Snowfall, another pursuers would unceasingly give her the modern concerns of those manga, but as they were doing so, Daoist Superior carefully examined what Fairy Sunset Snow loved, and started out to create a shoujo manga according to her preferences.Piece of music Shuhang nodded marginally. “Yes. Will you be also going to partic.i.p.consumed inside the Immortal Feast, Fellow Daoists?”In order to prevent anyone from alerting Papa Song and Mama Piece of music, Gentle Feather create a soundproof development within the room.Track Shuhang’s cardiovascular system thumped. His intuition shared with him which the Gentle Feather before him had not been the Perfect Emperor.At this point, the imperceptible saber insect pest ongoing to remain imperceptible though hovering beside Music Shuhang.It really can not be feasible!Track Shuhang stated, “Heavenly Emperor…” “It’s been a while. Just speaking… it is been 1,000 years, Older Melody. I didn’t believe that I’d have the capacity to view you all over again. I truly am happy to see you.” Delicate Feather located her practical her lap, sat beautifully, and smiled at Music Shuhang.Smooth Feather couldn’t fight giggling.Just after that… If the romantic endeavors manga was down the middle of the most interesting scene between hero and also the heroine, Daoist Supreme cut off the storyplot.“…” Tender Feather. Genie: Feathers, Lies, Glitter, Secrets, Lust He was unclear why, but he actually observed this impression was quite ordinary.Then, just after a few urging and chasing after to remain the story… a key relations.h.i.+p created involving the fairy and Daoist Superior.Music Shuhang sincerely stated, “Don’t take a look at me such as that. I’m actually only 18 yrs . old this coming year.”F*ck, she really have get had through the Perfect Emperor once more!Tune Shuhang claimed, “Senior Turtle! Older person Scarlet Heaven Sword!”Music Shuhang stared at Smooth Feather and looked at her eye. He thought about if Soft Feather ended up being had via the Heavenly Emperor yet again.Music Shuhang scratched his brain. “We could sneak into my house for the time being. I’ve already sent the coordinates to Sword Sage Starry Legend, and then he will be a part of us shortly to partic.i.p.consumed during the Immortal Feast.”Melody Shuhang sincerely reported, “Don’t evaluate me such as that. I’m actually only 18 yrs old this current year.”“Yes.” The girl within the prolonged skirt smiled, and stated, “At the moments, we—”F*ck, she really performed get possessed via the Heavenly Emperor once more!Track Shuhang mentioned, “Senior Turtle! Elderly Scarlet Paradise Sword!”