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Pick and pack operations are an important component of order fulfillment and is the system or work flow related to the pick, packing and delivery of your ordered items to your selected shipping carrier. Order fulfillment operations or facilities are also commonly referred to as "distribution facilities" or "DFC's." They include post offices, warehouses, and pick and pack facilities. The system will vary depending on your ultimate destination, the amount of items ordered and the size of your company. In most cases, you will need to hire either a full-time employee or one of the many contract employee pick and pack providers that can meet all of your needs.It is very common for distributors to hire third party pick and pack providers for their orders. Contractors, primarily, are used but it is becoming increasingly popular for small businesses and sole proprietors to use a contracted provider for their orders. This allows them to concentrate on their core business and increase their profitability by utilizing services they may not have otherwise used. Contractor providers usually provide the following services: full HVAC system, electrical and plumbing, customized cabinetry, fully qualified and certified transportation drivers, packaging supplies, warehousing and delivery. Most providers offer wave picking and zone picking.With a full HVAC system, the system will monitor temperature, exhaust fans, sprinklers, vents, temperature control, acoustics, lighting, security, and ventilation. The warehouses will also need to be fully equipped with cold storage for perishable goods. Most warehouses will also require refrigeration, freezer, and humidity systems. Contractors usually provide refrigeration and air conditioning and warehousing and delivery services for the fulfillment partner.Contractors can meet the needs of a large or small business, and often get the best price available by performing the entire order handling and packaging process internally. Using an outside source to pack and store products helps reduce overhead, increase profit, and increase sales. When ordering and picking products from a fulfillment partner, warehouse managers can focus on other important responsibilities such as staffing, human resources, marketing, and operations. Many businesses are also finding that it is cost-effective and efficient to utilize an outside pack warehousing and pick and pack fulfillment provider to meet their individual needs. Cost-effective solutions to help the company control its own resources and generate greater profits.Fulfillment companies charge based on the volume of an order, the shipping cost, and the cost of packing and shipping the product. Fulfillment partners offer volume-based packages that result in the lowest per order shipping cost and the highest volume of orders at the lowest per order rate. Many fulfillment firms have an initial order limit and vary the number of items that can be packed and shipped for each order.Using a third-party pack warehousing and pick and pack fulfillment company allows a warehouse manager to determine the most cost-effective strategies for managing the flow of incoming shipments. The benefit of using a third-party organization is that it allows the manager to improve warehouse operations and control inventory. The cost-effectiveness of parcel shipping costs is often a major factor in improving inventory management and overall business performance.Using third-party packers can also provide a significant positive impact on overall productivity and profitability. A third-party organization not only increases the available storage capacity of a warehouse, but also improves overall inventory management system efficiency. An inventory management system is defined as the method of collecting, storing and analyzing data regarding the quantity, location, status and ownership of products. Warehouse operations that are based on the pick and pack process, when combined with efficient shipping and pick processes, can dramatically improve the speed and accuracy of completing goods in time for end-of-day delivery to customers. Warehouses and fulfillment centers that are fully automated, integrated with software, are generally the most productive and least expensive solution.Pick and pack process improvements can also significantly increase customer satisfaction. Many customers have specific needs regarding the products they want to be picked up and shipped from one point in a warehouse to another. Automated systems, including shipping and pick and pack process software, can greatly improve the ability of warehouse employees to meet these needs. In addition, improving inventory management systems will allow warehouses and fulfillment centers to offer more efficient services to their customers.