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Gradelyfiction Dual Cultivation - Chapter 676 - Extreme Humiliation stimulating rich to you-p2 Tough Princess : Once Upon A Brothel Novel-Dual Cultivation-Dual CultivationChapter 676 - Extreme Humiliation label refuseIf he'd actually offended Immortal Fairy Su Yue's husband, losing his pleasure and self-respect for a mankind is the final thing he should really be concered about! the sea wolf sparknotes "I didn't feel Her Highness would do this to you! I'm thankful nothing at all transpired to you, Su Yang!" Wu Jingjing speedily went into his adapt to, as well as their human body declined onto the mattress."T-This is not me! I am remaining compelled to perform this! I swear!" Jiu Chun cried with tears in their vision.If they gotten to the eighth surface, Jiu Chun could see the rod between his hip and legs stiffen."Oh yeah? Maintenance to see me more about it? And just how far do you reckon you've received together with her Highness tonight?"Presently, Jiu Chun possessed a empty expression on his deal with, relatively gone in.Jiu Chun immediately started out sobbing again when he found this, with his fantastic sound was loaded with deeply sorrow, almost as though he acquired just experienced his partner and sons staying performed before him."Haha… Many thanks for acquiring mad during my stead, Jingjing. Like a benefit, I'll delight you for the nights. Naturally, though I will manage the poison, it's not quite as though it's completely out from my method, and I still have to discharge my Yang Qi eventually."By now, Jiu Chun got a empty concept on his face, relatively lifeless inside of."Ahhhh!"By now, Jiu Chun had a blank expression on his facial area, supposedly lifeless within."Don't fear, I will do it with a pace exactly where even you are able to withstand for the whole night-time without having to sacrifice a lot happiness by doing this," he stated to her.Jiu Chun immediately commenced weeping again when he found this, along with his voice was full of serious sorrow, nearly as though he had just witnessed his wife and sons becoming carried out before him."Ahhhh! Cease! Quit it! Don't! Don't try this! You might be not man!" Jiu Chun's frantic weeping immediately notified the visitors inside the spaces in the eighth floors prior to Su Yang launched the entrance."Ahhhh! Cease! Prevent it! Don't! Don't accomplish this! You may be not human being!" Jiu Chun's frantic crying immediately alerted the friends within the suites around the eighth surface just before Su Yang started the entranceway."Ahhhh!"By now, Jiu Chun had a empty expression on his confront, somewhat dead inside."S-Su Yang…?" Jiu Chun stared at Su Yang's disappearing figure using a dazed search on his deal with."Ahhhh! Prevent! Prevent it! Don't! Don't do that! That you are not our!" Jiu Chun's desperate weeping immediately alerted the friends into the bedrooms on the eighth floors before Su Yang started the threshold."One and only thing I want from yourself is natural humiliation! Because you dared as a measure to humiliate me, I shall do the same for you! You must be grateful that I will let you keep the useless living!" Su Yang spoke within a cold speech as he ongoing pulling Jiu Chun as well as him.Furthermore, as they had a few moments to additional prior to when the poison had taken influence, Su Yang took his time going down the stairs, which only manufactured Jiu Chun truly feel all the more miserable.Immediately after remaining in the room cheaper than 30 seconds, Su Yang eventually left the surrounding to see another area, duplicating identical things he just have to your other bedroom, in which he would proceed this until he traveled to every single bedroom on each and every floor on the eating place."Truly?" Wu Jingjing's eyeballs immediately begun to flicker."In spite of the, a nearby restaurant that dares to poison its customers… doesn't should can be found!" Su Yang's body system suddenly emitted with effective Sword Qi, along with just one golf swing from his sword, the full nine-floorboards extra tall creating was split by 50 percent.Section 676 - Extraordinary HumiliationFinding this, Su Yang thrown Jiu Chun aside on the road like rubbish.Jiu Chun's back was soaked in chilly sweats in that considered, feeling even more terrified than before every thing went straight down."Ahhhh!""And therefore Jiu Chun! Regardless if it absolutely was Her Highness's plan, he obtained the ability and way to reject this type of demand! The truth he didn't refuse meant he definitely didn't intellect poisoning you only to curry some prefer with Her Highness! He deserved exactly what took place to him currently!"That nighttime, reports with the items happened with the Nine Spring season Hallway and what Jiu Chun do was distribute throughout the world like wild fire, hitting nearly every space and cranny of your Holy Key Country prior to the sunlight even rose.Right after investing an hour running around the avenues, Su Yang sent back to your Nine Early spring Hallway, where every consumer possessed remaining whilst the servants had been all harvested external, apparently awaiting Jiu Chun's return."Oh yeah? Maintenance to share with me more about it? And ways in which far you think you've got together with her Highness tonight?""Don't get worried, I am going to achieve it with a pace the place even you could withstand for the entire night-time without having to sacrifice excessive joy by doing this," he explained to her."S-Su Yang…?" Jiu Chun stared at Su Yang's vanishing number having a dazed start looking on his encounter.Su Yang proceeded to remember exactly what got occured within the Nine Spring Hall to Wu Jingjing, who listened with huge vision, which only increased more substantial as Su Yang moved much deeper into your scenario.