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Epicnovel Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate For A Thousand Years update - Chapter 21 song grip read-p3Novel-Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate For A Thousand Years-Top Tier Providence, Secretly Cultivate For A Thousand YearsChapter 21 accidental milky“I recognize.”c.r.a.p!7Immediately after going back to his cave abode, Han Jue was still thinking about the Divine Constellation Gold Body system.1As the door burst open available, Han Jue quickly walked in.Should You be basic?Instantly experiencing a gaze select him, he changed approximately and saw Zhou Admirer looking at him using a burning gaze, loaded with combating character.In excess of ten disciples from Jade Tranquil Optimum accumulated all over to cheer him on.Before he remaining, he inquired curiously, “Master, is the Perfect Constellation Gold Physique potent? He needed to instruct me this cultivation approach.”It has to be a snare!71With outstanding appropriate.i.tude and amazing appearances, why managed he hold this sort of low account?The elders of the other seventeen peaks did not come. The spectators were standard seniors, deacons, hall masters, for example. Greater than two thousand internal sect disciples and mortal slaves arrived at see the fights.Han Jue scraped his head and reported, “Was cultivating a divine skill, so i could only obstruct it. That's not crucial. Grasp, will he occur and hara.s.s me once again? I don't need to be worried every evening.”That older guy was as much as no good!1Han Jue hesitated. A Hellion In Her Bed “Husband!”“Husband!”When finding this jewel nowadays, all of them experienced that it really was remarkable.She was displeased.He ceased in front of the entrance entrance and knelt.Zhou Lover cupped his fists and smiled. “Brother Han, you have to do your best now.”The Fantastic Huge Elder's laugh immediately washed out.Nevertheless, there weren't several essential sect disciples, there were many mortal slaves within the intrinsic sect community.Put it off!Chang Yue'er asked warily, “Who have you been?”Han Jue shook his head and reported, “Never mind. Thank you for your kindness, Sir.”2Han Jue inquired expressionlessly, “Really?”“Han Jue of your Jade Peaceful Optimum versus Zhou Admirer on the Perfect Thunder Highest!”However, there weren't several inside sect disciples, there are quite a few mortal slaves in the intrinsic sect metropolis.