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Topgallantfiction Dual Cultivationblog - Chapter 661 - Demon Slaying Sword ajar therapeutic -p2Novel-Dual Cultivation-Dual Cultivation the flamingo feather by kirk munroe Chapter 661 - Demon Slaying Sword mate defeated Sugar And Spice The disciples there easily identified this iconic sword which has many legends attached to its title."Are the both of you in a position to overcome?" Wu Jiang questioned them an instant afterwards. The Mathematicall Praeface to Elements of Geometrie of Euclid of Megara Section 661 - Demon Slaying Sword"Aiya… Where do I go wrong in teaching you? You will be currently blinded by your feelings, Jingjing. However, I am just certain that next duel, up your eyes should be able to see yet again, and you will get how pathetic of an man that individual is.""Are the both of you ready to battle?" Wu Jiang questioned them a minute later."You imagine you may really defeat me inside of a sword combat? I don't understand how a great deal practical experience you may have using the sword but if you think you are able to conquer me like previously after i take a sword around my fretting hand, then you definately are gravely mistaken!"Viewing this, Wu Jiang merely shook his top of your head and spoke in the sighing sound right before walking from the period, "Since you are Wu Min's daddy, I won't help you kick the bucket facing her, but as you will have thought to task the Lian Spouse and children, I won't have the capacity to reduce whenever you make this area.""The Demon Slaying Sword slaying the Dark Demon… It's quite suitable, don't you feel?" Su Yang thought to Lian Heng.After Wu Jiang finished his phrase, Lian Heng introduced a sparkling dark sword from his storing ring and directed it at Su Yang."Of course!" Lian Heng shouted with enthusiasm."Yes!" Lian Heng shouted with enthusiasm."Silence!" Wu Jiang suddenly roared, allowing the full spot to flip quiet."Yes!" Lian Heng shouted with eagerness."Don't get filled with by yourself! The fight hasn't even started off yet!" Lian Heng shouted at him.Right after Wu Jiang finished his sentence, Lian Heng brought out a glowing black colored sword from his storage diamond ring and pointed it at Su Yang."In addition, because this is not really standard spar but a sword fight, you will simply be allowed to sword techniques or methods related to the sword, and also you are only permitted to use swords of comparable good quality! In this manner, not of you will have an unfounded advantage on one other, and it will surely become your sword procedures that will make the visible difference!""What are the heck have you been accomplishing?" Lian Heng frowned upon seeing this having an ominous feeling on his heart and soul."I do not know the thing i am carrying out? I will repeat the exact same ideas for your requirements, Jingjing. Definitely, you might have picked out an inappropriate male to produce a baby with. Should your mom was right here, what do you think she would say regarding this scenario?""You might think it is possible to really beat me in the sword battle? I don't discover how considerably working experience you might have together with the sword but should you feel it is possible to overcome me like previously whenever i use a sword within my hands, then you definitely are gravely wrongly recognized!"Chapter 661 - Demon Slaying SwordOnce the overall put was quiet, Wu Jiang made to consider Su Yang which has a narrowed gaze on his displeased concept."Hahahahaha!" Lian Heng suddenly broken out chuckling, "I figured you had been just becoming strong because he is Wu Jingjing's father, but to issue a Sword Saint's knowledge of the sword! You might be simply mindless!"The moment the entire spot was noiseless, Wu Jiang switched to check out Su Yang using a narrowed gaze on his displeased expression."Hmph! I cannot delay to find out you pleading on your knees to Su Yang to keep with me as soon as you see his achievement!" Wu Jingjing coldly snorted ahead of dismissing him and turning her focus onto the period."Precisely what the heck will you be doing?" Lian Heng frowned upon viewing this through an ominous experiencing in their coronary heart."Oh? This sword is…" Su Yang trapped the sword and looked over it having a sentimental smile on his encounter. It had been the same sword Wu Jingjing got applied at the Nine Planting season Hall."Are the both of you in a position to overcome?" Wu Jiang expected them a second later on.Wu Jiang nearly coughed up a mouthful of blood flow after hearing her suggestive terms."The Demon Slaying Sword slaying the Dark colored Demon… It's quite appropriate, don't you think?" Su Yang believed to Lian Heng."Silence!" Wu Jiang suddenly roared, creating the full spot to convert silent.Seeing this, Wu Jiang merely shook his brain and spoke inside a sighing speech prior to jogging over point, "Because you are Wu Min's daddy, I won't enable you to kick the bucket looking at her, but because you might have thought to problem the Lian Family, I won't be capable of help you save when you finally leave behind this area."One time Su Yang and Lian Heng have been standing upright about 50 yards aside from the other, Wu Jiang spoke, "I, Wu Jiang, Sect Learn with the Holy Sword Academy will foresee this sword combat between His Highness, Lian Heng, and Su Yang.""Without a doubt!" Lian Heng shouted with enthusiasm."A wedding event is simply a service. Due to the fact that's the case, I am just in fact betrothed to him, while we already enjoyed a service in our possess way it was actually very extreme and pa.s.sionate," Wu Jingjing mentioned with a relax facial area."Su Yang! Get this sword!" Wu Jingjing suddenly identified as out to him prior to throwing a lovely sword using a red-colored blade.Once the overall put was noiseless, Wu Jiang converted to consider Su Yang with a narrowed gaze on his displeased concept."Jingjing! You really brought him your Demon Slaying Sword!? That's our household heirloom!" Wu Jiang yelled at her after finding this.