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There are many ways to start a custom t-shirt business, but perhaps none are quite as successful as online discussion platforms. For example, you could post your prospective T-shirt design on a subreddit and ask the people there for their honest feedback. The positive reactions of these people may result in potential customers. But what if you don't have enough time to post your design on the internet? In such a situation, you can always turn to online discussion forums for support.Designing a t-shirtOnce you have decided on the colors and design for your t-shirt, the next step is to communicate your vision. Be sure to include details about the design, t-shirt type, and printing options. If you're unsure how to go about designing the t-shirt, send a picture of what you'd like to see. Then, choose the colors that best represent your brand.Online discussion forums and subreddits can be useful resources for gauging the success of your t-shirt design business. By posting prospective designs on forums and subreddits, you can ask potential customers for honest feedback on the look of your T-shirt. A positive reaction can result in customers. If your design is well received, you'll have more potential customers. Then, you can begin your marketing campaign.Choosing a printing techniqueThe process of custom t shirt printing involves selecting the printing technique that works best for your needs. Screen printing, for example, is ideal for mass-production and is often preferred by pros. While screen printing is slow and requires expensive equipment, it can produce high-quality, durable designs. It is also an ideal option for small-scale production. Screen printing requires special inks and textile printers.Another important consideration is the quantity of the t-shirt. If you're planning to print several hundred t- shirts , screen printing may be the best option. A gallon of ink can produce between 200 and 600 t-shirts, so it's more cost-effective for large orders. However, it isn't the best option for smaller orders because screen printing requires better ink quality.Pricing a t-shirtHow much should you charge for your custom t-shirts? While the answer to this question isn't a black and white one, it's usually quite close to the average. When starting a new business, it's important to keep costs in mind. While you can set your prices as low as possible, it's better to be competitive with other businesses in your niche. You also want to avoid setting prices too low if you want to succeed.The right price depends on the quality of your t- shirts and the level of customization. While a low price can bring in more customers, it will also draw bargain hunters and create a dead zone for your business. Depending on the quality of the t-shirt, you may have to raise your prices occasionally to stop bargain hunters. If you want to increase prices too often, do so only if you've created a high quality product.Finding a niche for your t-shirt businessYou may have an idea of what kind of clothing you sell but not necessarily a target audience. A niche is a good place to start. You can choose to specialize in local groups, businesses or schools. If you already have some contacts in that niche, you can get their help to choose the right designs and find the best places to sell them. If you're already an expert in that particular area, you can relate better to the crowd and make a more profitable business.Using Etsy's keyword research tool, you can determine which tags and phrases are popular. Once you've done your research, you can copy the tags and titles of specific listings. Depending on the T-shirt niche you're in, you should try to pick the most popular ones. Once you've done your research, you'll be ready to design the perfect t-shirt for your niche.Using online discussion platforms to gauge success of your t-shirt businessIt can be difficult to gauge the success of your custom t-shirt business unless you have a presence in online discussion platforms. You don't need to have specialized knowledge to join a discussion platform, but you should have a thorough plan for your business. Make sure to pick the right e-commerce platform and write an effective sales plan. After all, you should have a plan to expand your business, not just sell a product.You can start by gauging the success of other t-shirt businesses through their success stories. You can look for people who have had a similar experience to yours and use those testimonials to guide you in your business. If you do not have many testimonials yet, you can start creating a list of these people who are willing to share their experiences. Smaller local influencers will be more willing to share their experiences and opinions for free.