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It's essential to observe these steps to perform minecraft server setup.Step 1: Install JavaYou need a java to run the minecraft server, click on here, obtain the java from the download possibility in Windows Offline (sixty four Bit). After the file has been downloaded, open the file and carry out the installation.Step 2: Download the Minecraft server filesFor servers with a Home windows operating system, we need to get the server .jar file first to start the Minecraft server setup.You can access the server file kind that you want through the use of the next hyperlinks.• Vanilla• Craftbukkit• SpigotAfter downloading your files, create an empty folder on the desktop and transfer the server file to the folder.Change the name of the server .jar file to tekveri.Step 3: Set the server start codejava -Xms1024M -Xmx1024M -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -jar tekveri.jar -o truePAUSEWe are going to put together the codes required to begin the server with the above code.-Xms1024M specifies the minimum ram setting of the server. M for writing in MB and G for writing in GB.-Xmx1024M specifies the maximum ram setting of the server. M for writing in MB and G for writing in GB.Create a new textual content doc within the server folder. Within the text doc that you simply created, type the code we supplied above. Then come to the file tab and click on on save as. Sort begin.bat to file MINECRAFT SERVERS LIST .Step 4: Settle for the EULAWe're opening our begin file, we do not shut the console until we see Stopping server in the console that comes after us. Eula.txt,, created corresponding to files after we close our console.Opening our Eula.txt file. Change the eula= false line to eula = true and save the file.Step 5: Set up the server settingsAfter saving the Eula.txt file, we are launching our server from our start file.Waiting till the "Finished" message is written, and after this publish comes to the console of our server, stop and close.