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The Minecraft community is known for coming up with new ideas, and the Uncensored library is one of their most ambitious projects. MORE How to Find Mangrove Swamp and Grow Mangrove Tree in Minecraft 1.19 The Wild The Minecraft Uncensored Library is created by Blockworks in collaboration with Reporters without Borders. The concept behind the project is to encourage the freedom of speech in journalism and to prevent the creative freedom of journalists from being restricted. MINECRAFT PRISON SERVERS While there are limitations on journalists' work regarding the kind of content they can publish but this platform will give them freedom of speech. How to Download the Blockworks Uncensored Minecraft Library First you must download Minecraft. You can purchase Minecraft on the Minecraft website. Alternately, you can purchase keys from other sources and then redeem them on your Minecraft account to get access to the game as well. - Now you will need to download The Uncensored Minecraft Library. The map is available for no cost and is accessible by going to the official website here. Once you have landed on the website, head to the downloads section, and then download the map. After downloading the map files, extract the zip file to your Desktop. - Open Run and type "%appdata% - Open.minecraft, and then the head to the Saves folder. - Move the extracted folder to this location Once the map has been downloaded and transferred to the above location, you can see it in the Worlds section. It is also accessible via multiplayer mode. For that, you need to first make sure that you are running at least Minecraft 1.14.4 or above. Click on multiplayer, then choose direct connect. When asked for the IP address, enter MINECRAFT PRISON SERVERS