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Anyone can download Minecraft: Education Edition absolutely no cost! There are two ways to experience Minecraft: Education Edition for free, through the trial for free or the demo lesson. The trial is free but you need to have an account either an Office 365 Education account or an Microsoft 365 account. It is not necessary to have an account or log-in in to access the demo lesson. This article provides information about how to use the trial for free and the demo lesson. Technical requirements Minecraft: Education Edition is compatible with Chromebook, iPad and Mac. AGAIN Before you start playing Minecraft: Education Edition, go through the System Requirements article to ensure your device is supported. About the trial trial for free The trial version is fully functional and has all features available in the paid version. The trial is compatible with Code Connection and Classroom Mode. For more details on these features, see the Get Started With Code Connection and Get Started with Classroom Mode articles. The trial is restricted by the number of logins (25 for teachers with an Office 365 Education account and 10 for all other users) before you can purchase a paid license to continue playing. Trial logins cannot be refreshed. If you experience any issues, you should contact our support team as soon as possible to ensure that you don't make use of all your trial logins! Minecraft Education Edition can be purchased after your trial logins are used. Start the trial trial for free If you have an Office 365 Education account or a Microsoft 365 account, follow these steps to begin the trial for free. Select the Minecraft: Education Edition version you wish to download from the Get Minecraft download page. Install the version of Minecraft: Education Edition that you downloaded. Start Minecraft: Education Edition and log in using your Office 365 Education account information. This could be your school email or Microsoft 365 account. If you... Then... You must have an active account You have been logged into Minecraft: Education Edition and you can begin playing. The Learning to play Minecraft: Education Edition article has information to help you learn how to play. Do not have an account with a valid expiration date You're not logged in and are not able to use the trial version for free. Check out the instructions for a no-cost Minecraft: Education Edition demo lesson. About the demo lessons Demo lessons let you try Minecraft Education Edition for free , and without an account. Each demo lesson has limited features, such as worlds and progress cannot be saved, and it's not possible to host or join an online game. Demo lessons give you the opportunity to experience the real-world lessons in Minecraft Education Edition. You can play each lesson as often as you'd like. Start a demo lesson These steps will enable you to take a no-cost lesson. Select the Minecraft: Education Edition version you want to download from the Get Minecraft download page. The Minecraft: Education Edition version that you downloaded should be installed. Start Minecraft: Education Edition. On the Welcome to Minecraft Education Edition screen, choose If you don’t have an account, make one. Click View Terms to view the license agreement. If you are ready to play, click Accept Terms and then Play. Select Start Lesson. Note: Lessons with the lock overlay can be access by logging into the game with an authorized account or one that is qualified for an evaluation.