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Minecraft is a sandbox-based game that means it's all about choices. You can build amazing structures or attempt to complete crazy challenge runs, or just chill out with your friends. This means that a lot of players are making amazing Minecraft mods. Today we're sharing one of our top mods which is still in development, but looks absolutely magical. A Redditor named Morica_ is building a plugin to add magic spells to Minecraft. Even though the plugin is in its infancy, there's a lot to it. Different spells react differently depending on what they hit. There are also a few various options for spells but most involve explosions and fire at the moment. The last spell is especially impressive because it explodes a large portion of the earth and creates chaos. If you like the idea, you can play with the EpicSpellsPlugin available on Github and fire it up in Spigot. Spigot, a special kind of server, permits you to use these plugins and play with the core game a little more. If you've never played with one, now is the perfect time to master it. Be aware that this plugin is quite early in its development, so it is not possible to cast spells using commands at the moment. I love Morica_ is also in search of individuals to help in the development of it, in the event that you're smart enough to do such things and have the time. We recommend that you test the demo first, then keep an eye on it. Minecraft and magic seem like a perfect fit. In less exciting Minecraft moments we explored the White House because it exists and why not? You can also do it if you like.