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You know, you'd think we could be happy all this shiny new Cataclysm content -- but no, we're all about the future. We are all about what is next. We all want more, more, more. Blizzard's probably going to disappoint us again this week, though, as all we're getting this morning is a set of rolling restarts beginning at 5 a.m. PST. Sorry kids, it looks like we have at least another week until patch 4.0.6 drops in our laps.With that said, we're still digging deep into patch 4.0.6 and general Cataclysm stuff alike around here, and while we wait around for the patch to drop, there's still plenty to read up on. Rolling restarts still require at least a few minutes of downtime, so why not get caught up on WoW news while you wait? We have our usual roundup of the latest stuff below.Hot news and featuresCheck out the latest version of the patch 4.0.6 patch notes. They include some very interesting Tol Barad changes.Blizzard's posted another Ask Creative Development post for all your burning WoW lore questions. As of a few days ago, they've asked that you don't ask any new questions, but you can still vote up your favorites. Our own Mat McCurley has a few questions he'd like to see answered.Don't sell those archaeology common artifacts just yet. They may be getting more valuable in patch 4.0.6.Do we really want raid trash to go away? Matthew Rossi has some stuff to say about that.Check out the latest round of Cataclysm hotfixes.Blizzard's struck at gold sellers again, this time via Paypal.Class news and guidesScattered Shots looks at the current best-in-slot hunter gear and a guide to hunting Magmaw and Omnotron.Blood Pact has a warlock's guide to the Throne of the Four Winds. Extreme mining Lichborne offers a pre-raid gear guide for death knight tanks.Totem Talk helps you heal heroic Stonecore. Wow servers all over We also have a guide to elemental DPS trinkets and a guide to epic enhancement gear.Encrypted Text helps you maximize your rogue's cooldowns.Arcane Brilliance looks at pre-raid trinkets for mages.Spiritual Guidance has a Mind Control bestiary for Cataclysm dungeons, as well as a healer's guide to Magmaw and Omnotron.Shifting Perspectives looks at the latter parts of Blackwing Descent for balance druids. We also have a feral druid DPS 101 guide.The Care And Feeding of Warriors has a basic guide to protection talents.Raid Rx looks at four more healing lessons.The Light And How To Swing It gives it to you straight on paladin healing.Dungeons, items, professions, PvP, and moreThe blue posters offered a few words recently about that long-awaited tabard storage system.Blizzard also offered an explanation for the lack of 2,200 rating PvP weapons.The Overachiever knocks out another chunk of Glory of the Cataclysm Hero.WoW Rookie gives you the rundown on reforging.Addon Spotlight's Mat McCurley tells you his Top 5 addons.Do you know your role?Blood Sport analyzes Cataclysm PvP thus far.Odds and endsCheck out the latest installment of Safe Passage, WoW Insider's weekly webcomic.Know Your Lore has articles on Grim Batol and the latest news on the Emerald Nightmare and the Green Dragonflight.Jane McGonigal believes that gamers can save the world, and she told us about it in 15 Minutes of Fame.The Drama Mamas have been catching up with some of our previous letter-writers.The Lawbringer gives you the legal lowdown on private servers.We few. We happy few. We Band of Bees.