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If you know how to create a server, you can learn to operate and manage a game server. The different is that running the game server is more complex. If you're planning to manage your own game server, it means you want to see it achieve success. In order to do it correctly we suggest you give a go to the 4 tips given below. The player slots You might have found that many servers aren't functioning correctly. Perhaps the server owner doesn't realize that it can only support a limited number of users. Minecraft for instance, uses RAM to serve users. You'll require a lot of RAM to support the players. We don't recommend that players are allocated RAM. If you don't, your server could take forever to respond to the demands of the players. In a worst-case scenario, your server may cease responding. Minecraft Servers Your internet connection. Certain games require a high speed internet connection. Ship Simulator Extremes is one of these games. The game may be slow if you don't have a fast internet connection. Your connection should be capable of uploading at speeds between 10 and 20 MB. On the other side, Minecraft is fine with an upload speed of 0.5 1 Mbps. Online Time: Should your server be online at all times? The answer is contingent on whether your server is accessible to the public. If you use the server to connect to friends, you don't have to maintain it online. On the other hand, if your server is open to the public, we suggest that you maintain it online all the time. You don't know when the users will visit your server. They won't return to your server if it is down all the time. Therefore, make sure you offer the best uptime to your users, especially when your server is public. Do you require staff? It is not necessary to have an enormous staff to run your server. It all depends on the security of your servers. If your server is online all the time ensure that you employ a moderator to take care of your server even when you're not there. There is no need for a lot of staff if your server is secure and nobody will ever hack into it. This is especially true when the server is used by a small number of users. As an alternative, you can put in security measures to ensure that trolls are not able to access your server. Here are some suggestions to help you manage your game server with ease. We hope that you will be able to manage and manage your server without any issue.