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Gather initial resources. Minecraft Minecraft is largely about gathering and using the resources from the world around you. When starting out in Minecraft, you'll immediately need to gather the following: - Dirt - Perhaps the most common block in the game. Dirt is relatively useless later in the game, but can be used to create an effective temporary shelter early in the game. The dirt is very useful as it can also help when you get caught in a deep hole, which you can easily arrange one by one to create a dirt stair.- Wood blocks - Hitting trees will yield wood blocks. Wood is necessary for crafting everything from weapon and tool handles to torches and crafting resources.- Gravel and Sand - Both of these resources are similar to dirt, and can be used as floor or wall material. Gravel and sand both fall when no block is placed directly below them.- Wool - You can get wool by killing sheep. Minecraft Wool (three pieces of the same color) and any type of wooden planks is necessary when creating a bed, which is an essential piece of equipment if you want to avoid frustration early on in Minecraft.