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Minecraft challenge runs are a staple of the game's creator community. MINECRAFT While it's not a particularly violent game, you'll encounter quite a few enemies in an ordinary playthrough. This could be the zombies in the beginning, farming items from Nether creatures, or even the Ender Dragon. A peaceful playthrough can be more difficult than you imagine. You enact a lot of violence without ever really planning on it. SwitchBackMongo is a Minecraft YouTuber who plays Hardcore. SwitchBackMongo decided that the cycle of violence was over and set off on a quest to end the game without killing any Minecraft mobs. Well, mostly. They technically didn't kill anything, but the explosive beds - that's right - that they used around the Ender Dragon definitely did. Anyone who has played Minecraft before will be aware that if you're looking for resources, you'll must defend yourself. If you're in the crust of the overworld and you're in the middle of it, skeletons, spiders and creepers will all be there to find and kill you, so trying to avoid them is a titanic effort. Even the action of grabbing an iron could lead to an argument or, you know, killed. Keep in mind that this is Hardcore and death isn't an option. For SwitchBackMongo the main sticking point was the Nether. Particularly, it was an enemy called the Blaze, which is the sole source of Blaze Rods. Blazes are an important ingredient in the creation of The Eye of Ender, which leads you to The End. Blazes are one of two enemies that have to be killed in order to 'complete Minecraft. But does this mean that you have to kill them? SwitchBackMongo shows how to manage these animals. Watch as an Iron Golem decimates fifty Blazes without droppings, and then head to Google like many others for the answer. The good news is that the wolves are man's best friend and they did the job. The whole run is enjoyable to watch because it's a brand new venture for the popular Minecraft YouTuber, which means they're not completely sure of the best way to approach it. It's rare to see a challenge race that hasn't already been mastered and mastered, especially in the game that's been in existence for as long as Minecraft. In other impressive Minecraft runs, a group of players completed the game in just two minutes, and a third player decided to take on the Ender Dragon instead of killing it. While you're here, take a look at our list of the top Minecraft seeds to discover stunning worlds to play your next game.