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Summary: The Gamer's Private Network (GPN) is a client/server technology created by WTFast for making the network efficiency of online video games faster and extra dependable. change is the end result of all true learning GPN s use middle-mile servers and proprietary algorithms to better join on-line video-sport players to their recreation's servers across a large-space network. On-line games are a large entertainment market and network latency is a key facet of a player's competitive edge. This market means many alternative approaches to network structure are applied by different competing firms and that those architectures are continuously evolving. Guaranteeing the optimal connection between a consumer of WTFast and the online sport they want to play is thus an extremely troublesome downside to automate. Using machine learning, we analyzed historical community knowledge from GPN connections to discover the feasibility of network latency prediction which is a key a part of optimization. Our next step shall be to collect dwell knowledge (together with consumer/server load, packet and port data and particular game state info) from GPN Minecraft servers and bots. We'll use this info in a Reinforcement Studying model along with predictions about latency to change the shoppers' and servers' configurations for optimal network efficiency. These investigations and experiments will improve the standard of service and reliability of GPN techniques.