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There is only one real passive ability in old school Runescape and that is agility. Having a high agility level is extremely beneficial to your account as your run will restore a lot faster.If you’ve ever played on an account with a high level agility level and then created an ALT, you’ll know how slow the run energy truly restores.Your run energy increases by 5 to 10% for every 7 agility levels you get. Once you reach level 50 agility you already recover energy twice as fast as when you did at level 1.At level 99 you recover 3x faster!On top of that, by training agility you also unlock several shortcuts around Gielinor and once you have the graceful outfit your run will restore even faster.All of this makes agility an extremely important skill that should be trained in old school runescape as getting around quickly is very important.Recommended Agility QuestsBefore we get started with the actual OSRS Agility Guide, here are some low requirement quests that give you a nice agility boost before you even get started so you don’t have to mess with the lower level courses. The tourist trapThis a relatively short quest with the only requirements being 10 fletching, 20 smithing and the ability to kill a level 47. This quest doesn’t give agility experience directly but it gives you two lamps, which can take your agility level all the way up to 26. The grand treeIf you complete the tourist trap, you can do the grant tree right after. This quest only requires you to have 25 agility and the ability to kill a level 172 Black Demon (safespot possible) the quest reward grants you 7,900 experience which will bring you to level 32. You can find more quests that advance your Agility level at the bottom of this osrs agility guide.Marks of Grace OSRSEvery rooftop course rewards players with marks of grace which spawn randomly as you complete courses. These marks of grace can be exchanged for graceful outfit pieces or Amalyse packs. Graceful OutfitThe first thing you want to get with these marks of grace is the graceful outfit. The full set will cost you 260 marks of grace in total and will make your weight as low as -25kg. The full graceful set also provides you with 30% faster run energy restore.This makes graceful the lightest outfit you can wear in osrs. Making full graceful perfect for clue hunting, questing, farming and many more activities around Gielinor that require a lot of running.The most efficient way to spend your marks of grace is in the following order: Gloves > Hood > Boots > Cape > Top > Legs.Amylase PacksAmylase packs are often used to make money with the agility skill. For every 10 marks of grace, you will receive 100 amylase crystals. Amylase is an ingredient to make stamina potions and thus worth quite a bit. You can sell them at the grand exchange for 1300 coins each. This means that for every 10 marks of grace, you make 130K. Some rooftop agility courses such as Canifis and Ardougne give you up to 20 marks of grace an hour so you will be making around 260K profit per hour while training Agility. To exchange marks of grace for graceful outfit pieces or Amylase packs, you need to visit Grace at the rogues den in Burthorpe. Best Agility food: summer pieSummer pie is considered the best food for agility as each pie gives you 2 bites which each heal you 11 hitpoints but you also get a temporary 5 agility level boost and 10% energy restore.Summer pies can be bought from the grand exchange and can be helpful agility exp boosters by using them to access higher-level agility courses.OSRS 1-99 Agility GuideThis portion of the guide will cover the fastest methods to train agility in old school Runescape with the conventional agility rooftop courses. We also cover the hallowed sepulchre agility course below. Levels 1 - 20 Gnome Stronghold Agility CourseFor those that don’t want to quest through the lower levels, you can get to 20 agility at the gnome stronghold in around 30 minutes. Once you hit 10 agility you can switch to the draynor village rooftop but I usually don’t bother as it’s the same amount of experience per hour.EXP Rate: 8K exp/hrApprox time to 20: 30 minutesLocationLevels 20 - 30 Al Kharid Rooftop Agility CourseEXP Rate: 10k exp/hrApprox time to 30: 45 minutesMarks of Grace per hour: 12Levels 30 - 40 Varrock Rooftop Agility CourseEXP Rate: 14K/hrApprox time to 40: 2 hoursMarks of Grace per hour: 12Levels 40 - 52 Canifis Rooftop Agility CourseRequirements: Priest in Peril QuestEXP Rate: 19K/hrApprox time to 52: 4.5 hoursMarks of Grace per hour: 19Notes: stay here if you want to get the graceful outfit first.Levels 52 - 60 Wilderness Agility CourseWhile you don’t get any marks of grace on this course, it is the best experience per hour at this level. Keep your HP as low as possible here to avoid taking too much damage when you fail. This course deals quite a bit of damage so you should bring food, summer pie is recommended.Since the course is located in the wilderness pkers can show up but it’s pretty rare. Of course, you shouldn’t be risking anything as you should be as light as possible.EXP Rate: 35-45K/hrApprox time to 60: 4 hoursWilderness Agility Course LocationThe wilderness course is located at level 53 wilderness. You can easily get here by using the lever in Ardougne or Edgeville. Be sure to bring a knife so you can slash the webs that block the way. Then simply walk southwest towards the wilderness course as pictured.Levels 60 - 72 Seers Village Rooftop Agility CourseOn this course, if you want to have the optimal experience per hour, it is recommended to keep a Camelot teleport on you. Every time you finish the course, teleport to Camelot and you will be closer to the start-point and thus get a higher exp rate. EXP Rate: 45K/hrApprox time to 72: 14 hoursMarks of Grace per hour: 12Seers Village Rooftop Course LocationThe Seers Village rooftop course starts at the Seers village bank. You can easily get in seers village by teleporting to Camelot.Levels 70 - 80 Pollnivneach Rooftop CourseCheck out our Hallowed Sepulchre portion below for the fastest agility training experience in the game.EXP Rate: 53K/hrApprox time to 80: 23.5 hoursMarks of Grace per hour: 13Pollnivneach Rooftop Course LocationThe Pollnivneach rooftop course is located in the city of Pollnivneach in the desert. You can get here by using the Ali Morrissane’s carpet, paying her 200gp to take you. Or you can set your player-owned-house location to Pollnivneach. Agility training Alternative: Levels 75 - 99 Priffdinas Agility CoursePlayers who have access to the Priffdinas area can use the priffdinas agility course from levels 75 all the way to 99. Priffdinas is a great alternative to the rooftop courses or even the hallowed sepulchre as you get very nice experience rates of up to 66K exp per hour.Unique to the Priffdinas course are the random portals that spawn, which if used, can create a shortcut for you and save you 5 to 10 seconds on your run, thus increasing your hourly experience rates.You do not get marks of grace from the priffdinas agility course but you do get crystal shards (about 15 per hour).You will stop failing this agility course completely at level 91.If you have access to Priffdinas this agility course is definitely worth checking out, it’s (in my opinion) a lot more fun than regular rooftop courses plus Priffdinas is just beautiful.Levels 80 - 90 Rellekka Rooftop CourseEXP Rate: 55K/hrApprox time to 90: 61 hoursMarks of Grace per hour: 16Relekka rooftop course locationIf you have completed the Fremennik Trials you can use your enchanted lyre to teleport to Relekka. Alternatively you can set up your player-owned-house to Relekka for easy travel. The third option is to teleport to Camelot and walk north from Seers’ Village.Levels 90 - 99 Ardougne Rooftop CourseEXP Rate: 62K/hrApprox time to 99: 124 hoursMarks of Grace per hour: 20Ardougne rooftop course locationThe Ardougne rooftop course is located above the market of Ardougne. You can easily get here by using the Ardougne teleport if you have completed the Plague city quest. You can take a boat from Port Sarim to Port Khazard and walk or you can start in Camelot and walk all the way down.Update 2020: The fastest way to train agility in OSRS at Hallowed SepulchreWith the recent darkmeyer update, we now have access to some brand new agility content: The Hallowed Sepulchre agility course.The Hallowed Sepulchre takes a different approach to agility. On a regular agility course you usually just have to click around, the activity itself is pretty mindless. It doesn’t require much of your attention and can even be done while doing other activities.The Hallowed Sepulchre changes this. Here you have to activily work towards completing the course and it takes real skill and practise.This makes for a nice change of pace that we didn’t realize we needed for the agility skill! The best part? You get higher experience rates than ever before in agility and you can make some serious money.Looting coffins will give you less agility exp/hr but heavily increase your profits.Requirement for Hallowed Sepulchre: Sins of the Father questHallowed Sepulchre experience rates per level:- Levels 52 - 62: 40K/hr- Levels 62 - 72: 50K/hr- Level 72 - 82: 60K/hr- Level 82 - 92: 70K/hr- Levels 92 - 99: 85K/hrHallowed Sepulchre OSRS Video GuideGnomonkey RS has made a complete in-depth guide for the Hallowed Sepulchre agility training activity. If you’re interested in learning how hallowed sepulchre works, we 100% recommend you check out this video.Extra: Fastest way to get the full graceful outfitSo how can we get graceful set fast? For that, we have to look at which course gives you the highest amount of Marks of Grace. This, of course, depends on your agility level. We have provided the number of Marks of Grace you receive per hour for every rooftop course in this osrs agility guide. As you can see, the ardougne rooftop course yields the highest Marks of Grace per hour of 20 but it requires you to have a high agility level of 90+. Canifis however, only requires you to have 40 agility and gives you 19 marks of grace per hour. So, for the fastest way to get the full graceful outfit, you should stick to the canifis rooftop course until you obtain the full set.How long would it take you to get the full graceful set in Canifis?Assuming you follow this guide and have done the Al Kharid and Varrock rooftop courses, you should already have around 30+ marks of grace when you gain access to the Canifis rooftop course at level 40. This means you need 230 more marks of grace which would take you a total time of 12 hours to obtain. So it would take you around 12-13 hours to receive the full graceful set using the Canifis rooftop course.By the time you’ve received your full graceful set, you should have gained an extra 230,000 experience which would put you at level 59 agility. Quests that grant Agility experienceQuestEXP RewardAgility lvl ReqOther RequirementsRecruitment Drive1,000/12 QPThe Depths of Despair1,5001820% Hosidius favourThe Fremennik Trials2,812/25 fletching, 40 woodcutting, 40 crafting (not required)Underground pass3,000/25 RangedIcthlarin’s little helper4,000/Gertrudes catCold war5,00030 Agility34 construction, 30 crafting, 10 hunterRoyal trouble5,00040 Agility40 SlayerGrim Tales6,00059 Agility45 farming, 52 herblore, 71 woodcutting, 58 thievingCabin Fever7,00042 Agility45 crafting, 50 smithing, 40 rangedDarkness of the hallowvale7,00026 Agility5 construction, 20 mining, 22 thieving, 32 crafting, 33 magic, 40 strengthThe Grand Tree7,90025 Agility/Troll Romance800028 AgilityTroll StrongholdMaking friends with my arm10,00068 Agility35 construction, 66 firemaking, 72 miningAwowogei (recipe for disaster)10,00048 Agility70 cookingRegicide13,75056 Agilityunderground passDragon Slayer 215,00060 Agility200 QP, 75 magic, 70 smithing, 68 mining, 62 crafting, 60 thieving, 50 construction, 50 hitpointsMourning’s end part 220,00056 AgilityMourning’s end part 1Monkey madness 220,00056 Agility69 slayer, 70 crafting, 60 hunter, 55 thievingSong of the elves20,00070 Agility70 herblore, 70 farming, 70 construction, 70 hunter, 70 woodcutting, 70 mining, 70 smithingOther useful agility training informationFastest way to get the agility pet (Giant Squirrel) in osrsEveryone loves skilling pets and the giant squirrel agility pet is one of my favourites, unfortunately for agility it’s extremely hard to get them.The fastest way to get the agility pet is by training at the penguin agility course, this course has the highest drop rate and this is where most pet grinders come for their agility pet.Benefits of the agility cape in osrsThe agility cape can be used as a substitute for the graceful cape, granting you a -4kg weight reduction and 3% faster run energy restore. You do not lose the graceful set effects while using an agility cape instead of a graceful cape.Every day you can restore your run to 100% while wearing the cape.The agility cape is the second least common skillcape in the game, right after the runecrafting cape.Summary: Osrs Agility Training GuideHopefully, this osrs agility guide was helpful and will aid you in getting 1-99 agility as quickly as possible. Agility training is not a very relaxed skill compared to others such as fishing and cooking. It is recommended to train agility gradually and that you don’t try to get 99 agility from scratch.Use the many agility quests to your advantage and remember, summer pies are the best food source for agility.Make sure to get your graceful outfit as quickly as possible as the full graceful set will give you a huge advantage while training agility and make it a lot less of a headache.The last tip I’d like to give you is to switch out your courses. Yes, the rooftop courses are great but sometimes you need a change of pace.