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Eight popular light-up shoes that were sold at Big W are being recalled urgently Product Safety Australia has recalled the Caprice Australia's light-up thongs over concerns the two batteries pose a potential safety hazard to young children. The thongs are available in a variety of themes, including Barbie, Frozen, Spiderman, Star Wars, L.O.L Surprise! OMG and Minecraft. Caprice Australia's light-up thongs (above) were recall due to concerns that the two batteries could be danger to young children. PSA said that the tiny battery compartment in the thongs may be exposed over time, making access to the two tiny buttons easier for children. It stated that young children could inhale button batteries and suffer severe internal burns, which could result in serious illness or even death. "Button batteries can also pose the risk to children who are just starting out. The thongs are on sale on the internet and in stores at Big W from September 7, 2020. However, they've not been sold since May 11, 2022. Schoolgirl, seven, is left vomiting and traumatised after... Where are they going? Just another wordpress site The prisoners are going to take care of... Texas officials launch an investigation into Uvalde police officers... The thongs have been available for purchase online and in stores at Big W since September 7, 2020, but have not been sold since May 11, 2022. Customers are urged to immediately stop using the shoes and return them to any Big W Australia store for full refund. For further information call Caprice Australia on 03 9922 2500. Cobra Planet