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When I need to donate clothing or other items to charity, I go to my local donation drop-off location. But what if I don't have a lot of time to walk the distance to pick up the items? If this happens to me a few times a year, I definitely find myself looking for a way to make my donation drop-off convenient and quick. I have always felt that it should be simple for me to drop off clothing and other items to charity, but I couldn't figure out how to make it happen. I finally realized that I needed to design my donation drop-off area so that it was more accessible and not annoying.I love the donation boxes that the Salvation Army provides for people who are in need. I have been using their boxes for years, even though they are a bit on the expensive side. They look very professional, and they come in several different sizes. I have just two, one large and one small, and they fit perfectly in my car. But there were some things I could do to make sure that my donation boxes were as convenient as possible. Here are a few things that I did to make my convenient donation boxes a little more user friendly.First, whenever agency have an extra box, I always donate books. It makes no sense to me that anyone who has plenty of books is trying to dispose of them by simply donating them to book donation bins. Instead, I always find a way to get rid of the extra books and then donate them to these types of programs.Second, I placed larger items, like clothing, into larger donation containers. This not only saved space in my car, but it made it easier for me to get the donation bins where I need them most. I placed the large books, along with the smaller wearable items, in large donation bins. This way, I didn't have to be concerned about them taking up too much space. Plus, I made sure that everyone who donated had a good idea where to place their donation, so they didn't forget where they needed to leave their old books.Third, I made sure that everyone who donated had a valid driver's license. agency received a call one day from a customer who was upset that her donation wasn't going to be allowed at the Fort Worth City Hall because she didn't have a driver's license. agency was thankful that I had already called all of the donation bins that we had in the store that could accept these items. Luckily, Fort Worth city officials didn't bother to contact the companies that I purchased the donation bins from, because they would have sent someone to collect the donation on behalf of the store. That customer didn't feel very appreciated, and her complaint did nothing to stop me from going to the Fort Worth City Hall and collecting her unwanted books.When I found a location for my book donation bins in the basement, it was a lot easier for me. Plus, agency kept me out of trouble with the police. When I was in college, I used to stay up late studying for exams. When I lived on my own after graduating, I used to spend my weekends cleaning and fixing up my home. But after living in a dorm for two years, I was able to move into an apartment that kept me out of trouble.To determine whether or not there is any correlation coefficient between income and crime, I performed an analysis using data from the year 1996. The first thing that I did was look up the crime rates for each of the fifty largest cities in the United States. The data set included fifty cities with populations of more than a million people. Then, I performed a correlation coefficient analysis between the rates of violent crimes and the percentage of income earned by an individual. Afterward, I looked up the correlation coefficient for each of the fifty cities. In my results, I discovered that there was a significant correlation between an increase in an individual's income and a decrease in their violent crime rate.So there you have it: there is a correlation between crime rates and book donation drop boxes. If there was only one thing that could help, it would be stopping the criminals who are causing the problem. Fortunately, that's not the problem. The solution to this problem is simply preventing crime from happening in the first place.