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Fred Loya insurance is one of the best Texas Holdem poker players of all time. He has held the number one spot for a large number of years now. He has always maintained that his success is based on his ability to play smart. He always buys a small amount, he plays it carefully, and then he plays it again. He rarely folds because he knows that when he makes that decision, it will be a wise one.Many of his competitors are also using this philosophy as well. A large number of Texas Holdem players would fold often in a game against other Texas Holdem players, especially at the tables where they usually start out. One day, this player decided that he didn't want to continue to do this, and he started buying and holding. Soon enough, his stack was quite large.One day, I was having lunch with some friends of mine, and we were all sitting around discussing the recent turn of events that had transpired. We were all quite excited at the turn of events that had occurred in the world of poker. One of our friends actually said, "You know, Fred, I've never seen anybody like him. He's making more money than all of us. And he doesn't have any debts." After hearing this, I couldn't help but ask, "And how did you find out about this?"This player told me that one day he went to his computer, logged into some poker forums, and began playing for money. Within a few hours, he was playing for thousands of dollars. He then continued to play until he was down to a few thousand dollars. Naturally, this player became very popular very quickly, because he knew exactly what he was doing.He would read up on everything there was to know about Texas Holdem and the Big West. He talked to all of the other players in the forum and asked questions. He wanted to become the best player he could be. I didn't know anybody who had ever seen such a bright future playing poker, but it just so happened that I met him.He was a really nice guy and very successful. He even had a website where he invited other poker players to check out his winning records. He really was a big time winner at poker and was always telling people how good he was. And it was because of these people that he was able to get his huge insurance deal.A few years later, he was playing in a tournament in Las Vegas. During cheapest auto insurance san antonio tx , one of the other players saw what I'd been reading about Fred and called him. He asked me if I knew Fred. I told him I did, and he was kind of surprised when I said I'd played with Fred.He told me that his career had been a big spring for Texas Holdem, and that he'd been playing for years. I asked him why he did it, and he said because he felt that it was his time to make some big money. I'm glad that Fred did, because he's a great guy and always makes the right decisions. So if you want to be successful in the game of poker, make sure you do your research on the many great minds that play in the big spring Texas Holdem.One of my favorite poker stars is Russ Hamilton. I first met Russ when we both starred on MTV's "Poker Star". You'll never forget those days, and I highly recommend that you take a couple of hours and really get to know this man. Russ Hamilton is a poker star because he knows how to hustle and play the game of poker at the same time. In fact, I'd go as far as to say Russ Hamilton is one of the best poker stars of all time.Another big name in poker is Daniel Negreanu. As you probably know, Daniel is from Brazil. He is well known for his winning poker strategies, which are often compared to those of Russ Hamilton.All I have to say about Fred LaLoew, the very famous Texas Holdem pro, is that I like him a lot. Not only does he know how to play the game, but he also knows how to handle himself in the heat of competition. What more could you ask for? If you are looking for an insurance big spring Texas holdem tournament, I would start by looking for a site with high-stake tournaments and good payouts.