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When looking for a New York auto auction, there are some good things you can do before heading out that will help your chances of success. Auto auctions are fast becoming the most popular place to buy vehicles at value. Many people are now turning to these auto auction listings as a way to get an inexpensive vehicle at the drop of a hat. With today's economic conditions many people simply can't afford to buy new cars, even with a new car loan. The nice thing about these auto auctions is that you don't have to be in a rush to get your hands on a car.If you plan on heading to an auto auction in New York, you should consider where and how you want to travel. New York offers several different locations for the public to visit. These include both traditional auction style locations and online auction sites. You should decide which venue you prefer before you arrive at the venue.If you find that you are traveling from out of state for the auto auctions in New York to find out if there are any special permits or requirements required to be a winner. Some states have a cap on the number of cars per person that can be auctioned. Others don't have any caps on the number of autos that can be sold, but each state has its own individual regulations. This information can usually be found on the website of the state motor vehicle auction.You should also think about the value of the vehicles that are being auctioned off. This can be an indication of the overall value of the vehicles. This is important because you may not want to pay too much for a car. You will also want to make sure that you are aware of the minimum insurance requirements that must be present when you purchase a vehicle. If the insurance auto auction in New York doesn't require a down payment, this will help to narrow down the list of potential vehicles.Many of the auto auctions in New York take place on the weekend. Make sure that you plan accordingly and find out how many vehicles are being sold during the time period. If it's a popular auction then you should certainly plan on attending. You could possibly score a really good deal. You may even find that you can participate in pre-bid inspections of the vehicles prior to the actual bidding time.The best time to participate in one of the insurance auto auctions in New York is during the weekdays. You will find that there is very little traffic on the weekends. It's during the weekdays that the majority of bidders attend. should try to schedule your visit during the morning hours, preferably around lunchtime.The biggest threat to your winning the automobile auction is posed by cheaters. You will want to verify the registration status of any car that you are interested in purchasing. You will also want to check with the Internal Revenue Service to determine whether the vehicle has been in any previous accidents or tax liens. It is illegal to buy a vehicle without full disclosure of all of these details. It is possible to find out information about past owners on the Internet.Once you have planned your visit to an insurance auto auction in New York you should be prepared to wait in the crowded lots. Bidders typically arrive early so that they can examine the vehicles before others. Make sure that you bring your credit card with you, in case you are not permitted to pay with cash.