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If you're looking for an amazing vanilla server, what's better than Complex Gaming? Complex Gaming is a Minecraft server where players can play many gamemodes and do things such as pvping, building, mining, and more. 2. InsanityCraft IP Address: This list would not be what it is without discussing one of the oldest vanilla prison servers, InsanityCraft. To this day it is still one of the most popular servers and has one of the most custom vanilla experiences in the community 3. Vanilla Realms IP Address: Vanilla Realms is a Minecraft vanilla server which like its name, focuses on keeping the gamemode as vanilla as possible. This server gives a unique twist compared to the others with its vanilla based gamemodes. 3. Pixel Block IP Address: Pixelblock may be a new network but it is still worth mentioning on this list. Pixelblock is a network designed by players, made for players which makes it a great place for new users to start their journey. 4. Sunny Survival IP Address: This next server is definitely worth a try. It has custom features, frequent updates, and is considered a great option for people who like active communities. 5. Tulip Survival IP Address: Tulip survival is one of the largest servers on this list and has over 6 realms inside of their server. They have a friendly community and many crates and GUIS in-game. 6. Survive With Us IP Address: Survive With Us is a hardcore server, which means it is not recommended for new players. This server does provide a great gaming experience for those who have played Minecraft before though. 7. MineWind IP Address: This next server released in 2014 so it has been around for a while and has a great reputation. Minewind is a next-generation server with MCMMO, no lag, and original content. 8. LifeSteal IP Address: Lifesteal is a new concept, but many vanilla players enjoy it. On the LifeSteal server you only have so many lives and once you respawn you must wait. MINECRAFT SERVERS This server is not suggested for those who may not like hardcore. 9. CatCraft IP Address: CatCraft is an animal themed server for all of the animal lovers out there. Here you can find kits, warps, guis, and many more amazing features. Many users have joined this server so you might like to as well 10. Valactic IP Address: Valactic is a one of one unique server that focuses on being as friendly as possible. The server has a great moderation team which is online 24/7 to help any new players out. This is the end of the top 10 list. Some of the best Minecraft Vanilla Servers to try out and play. If you have favorite vanilla server be sure to contact us and let us know how much you like it!