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Minecraft is a place for players to express themselves in many different ways. You can use the space for Dungeons & Dragons, create your favourite games, or just hang with friends. People are concerned about the new moderation tools. Let's be clear about this: moderation tools are pretty much essential on the internet because you literally can't trust people not to be the absolute worst if given the chance. However, they have to work. Redditors posted their opinions about the matter and they weren't impressed. JewelTK posted the most detailed post on the subject. They made a video to discuss it from their perspective as someone who hosts several servers. The video contains some extremely harsh language. However, there's a warning at beginning. Although the details of their concerns are more complex, it is possible to break them down into two parts. The first is that it is possible to abuse a system to ban people who shouldn’t be there, in particular as a retaliation against being banned from a specific server. The second is that players can set their own boundaries about what is acceptable. my games Different communities have their own rules. Banning people for not understanding could result in unfair judgments. Java chat reporting from the perspective of a server host from Minecraft Redditor Quillka suggested these reporting tools should only be available to official Microsoft Realms. It was mostly for the same reasons that were mentioned above. They argue that "It cannot be expected that the entirety of Minecraft's player base that consists of those of all ages will conform to being perfectly kid-friendly." It's easy to see their point. While profanity filters can help children stay safe in global chats with others, small, managed communities shouldn't require adults to swear to one another. In less well-rounded arguments, there's also a big old bit of "propaganda" from Popbobsnob, because Minecraft is all about creativity.