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Amax Auto Insurance, a division of The Insurance Business Bureau, has been in business since the early 70's providing car and home insurance along with property coverage. In fact Amax is one of only two underwriters that do not specialize in any one area of insuring cars. This allows for more insurance to be available to more people, which leads to lower costs and better service.The company was started by Mark W. Kerkorian and Richard J. Cassell. Mr. Kerkorian went to work for another insurance company in Houston and decided to start something of his own, and started selling policies from the same office as Cassell. It was a slow start, but Kerkorian was resourceful and began expanding the company by offering insurance to clients in states other than Texas. Today Amax serves over thirty-five states in the United States, as well as Canada.Since the company started there have been a lot of changes to the insurance policies and procedures offered. One of those changes is the inclusion of an "amender" clause into all of their policies. The amended clause essentially is a stipulation that if a claim is filed against Amax they will pay out regardless of who is at fault in the accident. For the past couple of decades this clause has proved to be invaluable to many drivers. For one thing it means that if you file a claim and it is determined that the other party was not at fault, the insurance company will cover all or part of the claim.Another important change has come about in the handling of accident-related insurance claims. If you are involved in an accident where another driver is at fault, and you determine that the other driver had no insurance, you can take your vehicle to Amax and have them pay the difference between what your car was worth at the time of the accident and what the insurance company pays your insurance company. This saves you from having to take out a loan to cover the repairs on your car. Because Amax is not the traditional underwriting company, they will not pull your credit to see if you're financially responsible.The company also offers accident compensation for anyone who may be injured as a result of being hit by a car that was driven by someone that did not have insurance. Accidents are unpredictable, but with accident benefits offered by the right company you can be assured that you will be taken care of if you are injured in an accident. This is a benefit that most people do not have because of the insurance hurdles that they need to jump through to get their car repaired. This can allow you to work on driving again without the worry of whether you will be able to afford to repair your car.For those drivers that already have auto insurance, but would like to continue to have coverage, Amax also provides auto insurance Texas. This service is offered at a lower rate than regular auto insurance because the company is not covering as many cars. They feel that it is better to underwrite a lower amount of coverage for those drivers that have found themselves in a tough situation and need to have proper coverage. This is good news for drivers in this state that are looking for cheaper ways to have the proper auto insurance.There is another reason why drivers should look into checking out Amax. Because this type of insurance company does not use underwriting, your premiums are going to be cheaper. This is a good thing, especially for people who may find themselves in a tough financial situation and need to save money. It can give you the opportunity to have the proper coverage without having to go over your budget.The biggest thing that you have to understand about accident coverage is that you are only covered for the accident that happened. So if you were to hit a deer and its tracks, you will need to get a new truck and purchase new tires and rims, that's all. subaru wrx insurance for 16 year old will cover these things for you but nothing else. You have to purchase the car or truck yourself and pay the excess on your own.