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There are a lot of differences between email list rental and email lists buy. For starters, when you rent an email list, you actually have access to the email addresses for as many people as you choose. Buying an email list is a one-time process where you commit yourself to a specific list or group of people and agree to pay for it at a later date. This option is great for growing your business, but is not always right for every business owner. The problem with buying an email list is that you are stuck with the email list you bought, no matter what. Renting is an entirely different process that allows you to choose the email list you want, at any time, while still paying for the email list you choose.Email list rental has been around for quite some time and has recently become more popular. There are quite a few reasons for this growth in popularity. One of the most important is that many marketers are realizing how much money is being spent on email lists. Email marketing is the single most effective method of driving traffic to any site, but is also the most expensive form of marketing available. Many marketers have already gotten a taste of the money that can be made through email marketing through their own marketing campaigns but have yet to really make a killing with it.With list rental, the marketer doesn't need to invest in a high-priced marketing campaign in order to market effectively. List rental can be done by hiring an expert marketer who will do all the work for you. You'll just need to pay the list rental fee and keep making payments according to the terms set by the list owner. Many times these sites offer a monthly fee, which allows you to get several months of email list rental, giving you a chance to test the effectiveness of the marketing campaign.List owners are generally interested in one of two things when it comes to renting their lists: either they are looking to generate new leads for their business or they want to retain and renew their current email marketing campaign. The lists that are being rented are usually very cheap and targeted. In other words, the opt-in rate is high. The reason for this is that the seller is trying to attract the attention of their customer base and bring them back to their website. If you are planning on creating your own list, there are a few tips that you will need to keep in mind in order to ensure success.The first thing that you have to do when you are looking into email list rental services is to thoroughly check out several list rental companies. You should visit their websites in order to get a feel of how the company operates, the quality of their leads, as well as the cost of their services. If you find several email list rental companies that you like the look of, but are a little bit more expensive than you were initially looking for, simply go with the cheapest services that you can find.The next thing you will need to do is analyze what it is you are offering to customers in order to determine whether or not you will be successful with renting your leads. Some marketers decide that they are going to focus on email list rental in order to grow their offline business. However, others choose to focus on online marketing as their main focus. You will have to make the decision which way you would like to run your business. This is ultimately up to you, but you will need to spend time researching your options before making any final decisions.In order to successfully rent email lists, it is crucial that you make sure that you are getting your customers to sign up to your list. Marketers who are thinking about buying email lists focus primarily on getting subscribers, but they neglect the importance of actually getting the subscribers onto their list. This can be a huge mistake, because if you fail to market to the people who will most likely buy from you, then you will never make any money! As such, if you decide to rent email lists, then you will need to get the people to actually sign up for your list, otherwise you will be wasting your time and effort.The last thing that you will need to do when you are looking to start an email list rental campaign is to promote the item you are renting. Marketers who are looking to promote their email campaigns focus primarily on the subject line of their emails, but this is often overlooked. Marketers who know how to promote their email lists pay very close attention to the subject line and use it to help sell their products to potential buyers. So, if you really want to get into email list rental, then make sure that you are focusing on these four things.