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Hiring a startup marketing agency, such as a branding agency, digital marketing agency, growth hacking agency or a content development agency is a very important first step and venture for almost any business, regardless of its size. As the name suggests, this marketing concept works on creating awareness of a new product or service in the market by generating buzz. In today's competitive world, consumers are not only bombarded with too much advertising from various sources, but also have to be kept informed about brands they may not even know. To make sure that consumers get the information that they need, marketing agencies have come up with different campaigns. From launching a nationwide billboard advertisement to television commercials to creating a buzz on social media, the options are many.In order for a startup marketing agency to come up with the right strategy, they need to take note of what the company has, which is a unique proposition. The aim of such an agency should be to design a campaign, which will create a lot of buzz about the brand, while at the same time offer something unique. This can be done through different channels - traditional advertising methods, such as billboards, television advertisements, radio ads and other forms of mass communication, as well as online strategies such as publishing articles and blogging.Since a startup marketing agency has to work with a number of different departments, it is always advisable to have a division responsible for each of these tasks. Ideally, there should be one person in charge of creating buzz, while another person should be handling inbound marketing, another person handling digital marketing and so forth. It can be very confusing, especially if there are several people who are supposed to be working on the same goal. In fact, some agencies have separate staff members for each of these roles, to ensure that things run smoothly. When in-house staff members are not in agreement with the strategy being implemented, it is easier to pick up signals from within the organization.A successful marketing strategy will also be more effective if it targets potential customers directly, rather than making use of marketing channels such as television advertisements or press releases. Although television advertisements and press releases can be helpful in generating a certain amount of traffic, they do not allow the audience to decide how they will respond. On the other hand, an online campaign does allow people to determine the effectiveness of the company's marketing strategy. Therefore, an in-house SEO company should also have an in-house customer relationship management team. With the help of this team, companies can ensure that their campaigns are being implemented successfully.A successful business development campaign will not only rely on effective SEO strategies, but also on other business development tactics. Such tactics are usually referred to as "growth marketing tactics". Growth marketing tactics should not just be used for getting the business name to grow, but also on getting potential clients to become regular visitors. This is one way of making sure that new clients and customers keep coming back to the site. Therefore, an in-house team should be coordinating various forms of marketing tactics to get businesses off the ground.Other growth tactics that can be implemented by an in-house team include collecting client feedback. One of the best ways to collect feedback is through data-driven storytelling. Data-driven storytelling involves telling stories about the challenges faced by the company and the solutions offered by the company. For instance, some startup marketing agencies have found stories to be particularly effective in helping to grow companies like Yammer, which is now a global leader in social networking. A good startup marketing agency will be able to tell stories that will make people want to stay at the site.Another thing that is useful for growing startups is the use of blogs and podcasts. A good startup marketing agency will have a group of bloggers and podcast hosts that are willing to talk about the products and services that the business offers. Because social media is such a powerful marketing tool, many businesses have learned that hiring a blog writer and podcast host is one of the most cost-effective ways to get the information out about their business. Additionally, many people are more likely to listen to someone talking about products and services that they are interested in than reading about them in a magazine or newspaper.Finally, another tactic for growing startups that has been used by agencies across the nation is the creation of marketing plans, or "road maps" for getting companies started. These plans often require detailed strategic planning in order to meet the goals of each department, but a good startup marketing agency should be able to create a number of road maps that can be tailored to each particular company. This is one of the more important things that a good agency should know how to do.