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A person buying automobile insurance can be an illustration of: Answer Hedging. Passing possibility to somebody else. Risk premium. Systematic risk. ACheap spot to get motor insurance?I've never experienced car insurance and Iam going to purchase a car. I have been exploring diverse corporations and they're costly. Should I wait till I am 25 to obtain my very own insurance since it is going to be cheaper or could be the cost based off additional elements? I am currently 24 years young had insurance under my name.Why does so much distinction be made by the motor size of the vehicle in auto insurance prices?"What is a HYBRID medical health insurance program? Has anybody applied this kind plan?"OkPlease excuse the 2 LLs my cellphone is performing up Anyways where could I get inexpensive insurance I am 20/female got my license recently"I've my permit"Got a concern about altering insurance and my auto color