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I am not a 17-year young who's presently protected under my parents being an unexpected driver. They actually have 2 vehicles. I'm considering acquiring my very own car in a few days and thus I will need to be a major driver. Our concern is if I place the property in my parents name and put it under their insurance would it be cheaper then having it possessed on the seperate insurance company and under my name?Does anybody recognize any? I've got an endorsement on my full Irish license (for approximately 2 years now) and my insurance has sky rocketed this year. Many insurance firms wont price people with endosements. Can anybody help please??Howmuch could insurance expense to get a 17-year old with an SUV?"I am hoping to get some car insurance quotes by which among the inquiries is currently requesting the car's cutToday i got pulled over by the authorities without no insurance the automobile had insurance and a driving license but it was within my moms label and i merely had a certificate howmuch things can I get for that and will i obtain a band?"Ok"Iam hoping to get a classic mini and doing it-up and 17"Alright so Ive used quite a while googling this but to no remedy that was genuine! My question isCommon costs of homeownership iowa?Home Insurance Ripoff?Insurance if you're loaded?"Obviously a Harleys insurance will be huge"Do they request your career when appliying for insurance