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Boskerfiction fiction - Chapter 2279 blade building quote-p2Novel-Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet-Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little SweetChapter 2279 mine tempt Pure Love ✕ Insult Complex Soon, the auto quit when in front of a lecture hallway.The man smiled faintly. “No must be nervous, Skip Nie. We aren't going to the Arbitration Local authority. Leader Yi is supplying a lecture right now, so we're heading to where Leader Yi is supplying a lecture.”Thus, Ye Wanwan guessed which the silver-haired man was probably He Lianjue…Ye Wanwan: “…”“Unfortunately, we don't know the reply to that, Neglect Nie. The Leader naturally has his aim for seeing you. If Miss Nie prefers a solution, it is possible to only inquire the Director. We can't advise you something,” the small mankind said.Ye Wanwan put into practice both individuals on the inside.The young gal clogged Big Dipper, Seven Celebrity, and also the other individuals and stated expressionlessly, “Apologies, but President Yi solely wishes to see Miss out on Nie and didn't ask the remainder of you, so you cannot abide by.”“Alright.” who was the most powerful conqueror “Alright.”“Eh…” Uncertainty instantly covered Ye Wanwan's confront when she saw the man. The Camp Fire Girls Solve a Mystery Or The Christmas Adventure at Carver House Wasn't this gentleman the sterling silver-haired man she met in The far east?!Just forget about a minor President Fearless like her, though the Chief executive of the Arbitration Local authority probably only found it necessary to utter anything and then he could see any individual he wished for.Forget about a small Leader Fearless like her, nevertheless the Chief executive in the Arbitration Authority probably only had to utter anything and the man could see any individual he wished for.“Please halt.”On second thought…He was the Director with the Arbitration Council—the symbol of pinnacle potential in the Twelve Separate Claims!He was the Director of your Arbitration Council—the image of pinnacle energy in the Twelve Separate Claims!Ye Wanwan surmised the sterling silver-haired male was He Lianjue. But she never observed He Lianjue's encounter before since he wore a face mask when they achieved. Last Chinese suppliers, the silver-haired male showed up and in addition they became aquainted with. The gold-haired man's QQ special clearly expressed that Worriless Nie was his disciple.“Unfortunately, we don't know the reply to that, Overlook Nie. The Director naturally has his aim for experiencing you. If Neglect Nie wishes an answer, you can only request the Chief executive. We can't tell you everything,” the little mankind explained.The person smiled faintly. “No must be nervous, Skip Nie. We aren't going to the Arbitration Local authority or council. Leader Yi is providing a lecture now, so we're on the way to where Director Yi is providing a lecture.”What attained her was an incredible-searching mankind using a top of your head of longer black color your hair giving a lecture which has a dignified and solemn expression.The younger female impeded Huge Dipper, 8 Legend, plus the some others and reported expressionlessly, “Apologies, but Director Yi solely hopes to see Skip Nie and didn't request the rest of you, so that you cannot stick to.”Midway there, Ye Wanwan questioned, “We aren't going to the Arbitration Council's foundation, right…?”Ye Wanwan: “…”For this reason, Ye Wanwan thought that the sterling silver-haired man was probably He Lianjue…Large Dipper converted mad immediately and drew up his sleeves. “Are you hunting upon us? Have you thought about your Arbitration Local authority President, huh? He's great as well as a problem, huh?”“Since President Yi really wants to see me, I naturally can't reject him. Nevertheless, I don't know Chief executive Yi in any respect, so may I ask… why does Chief executive Yi want to see me?” Ye Wanwan questioned curiously.Ye Wanwan: “…”Exactly what sin have she do? Why performed she want to deliver Massive Dipper listed here?!Wasn't this mankind the sterling silver-haired mankind she achieved back in Chinese suppliers?!Therefore, Ye Wanwan guessed the gold-haired person was probably He Lianjue… revelations.12 Nonetheless, when Major Dipper noticed the younger woman's manifestation gradually switching displeased, he suddenly smiled. “That's perfect, the Director of the Arbitration Authorities is awesome and a huge problem! You need to transmit my goodwill to Chief executive Yi. I really enjoy him, I respect him, he's my idol…”Read additional chapters at Listnovel.comYe Wanwan didn't say anything but came into a cautious and defensive option. The other either of those two behaved unusually, she would assault.Ignore a small Chief executive Fearless like her, nevertheless the Leader of your Arbitration Local authority or council probably only required to absolute anything and he could see anybody he wished for.