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Motor Insurance - what type of protection is required for an Unexpected Driver...?Insurance for cars?"New York state people will not be unable to about the Obamacare trade for half the states by conservativesVespa scooters... insurance ? Bike certificate?Where can I find cheap auto insurance for a 17-year old?What type of auto insurance....?"OUR first ever automobile was 5000 to cover therefore I ordered a scooter for 300 along with the insurance was 170. Once the year is up"On Sunday's Face the Country"Can anyone tell me what is the fee for driving without insurance in Illinois and getting into an accident. I was driving my buddy's car and found myself in an accidentJust how much difficulty might I enter into easily drove my vehicle without the dishes?"How old you have to be for traditional car insuranceRelative basic insurance costs for different types of cars (vehicle"I've just been price 23Considering used minivans - been performing some rough insurance measurements that are online but so far all above 1000. Any minivans that may have a low insurance for a driver that is NEW are known by any bodyI'm pregnant and my insurance hurts?Auto Insurance Cost?Can a credit rating that is good allow you to get insurance that is cheaper?"Iam planing on geting a 1999 Chevy silverado 1500