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Brilliantfiction Dual Cultivation txt - Chapter 658 - This F.u.c.ker Is Really Handsome! waste pig read-p1Novel-Dual Cultivation-Dual CultivationChapter 658 - This F.u.c.ker Is Really Handsome! squeeze moonThe disciple seeing this picture within the back ground immediately gasped right after seeing and hearing Su Yang's thoughts.Lian Heng laughed arrogantly as he discovered Su Yang rus.h.i.+ng at him in spite of his exceptional cultivation structure. On the other hand, ahead of Lian Heng could even accomplish his phrase, Su Yang suddenly vanished from his look at and came out right beside him within a break up 2nd, and one and only thing he noticed ahead of experience extreme ache became a big fist traveling towards his good looking facial area."I don't treatment your identiity, but can you reduce tone of voice? In case you shock my little princess and also make her weep, I may struggle to management my inner thoughts," Su Yang spoke using a frown on his confront."Waaaaa! Waaaa! Waaaaah!" A Husband by Proxy Su Yang elevated his fist and punched Lian Heng on the face once more."Ridiculous b.a.s.t.a.r.d!" Lian Feng roared."..."*Gasp!*"...""Will you be wanting to shock my little girl with the excessive tone of voice all over again? I suppose you are the slow kind that will need more than one course before you start to fully understand nearly anything."Lian Heng cursed inwardly.'! This f.u.c.ker is absolutely good looking!'"This kind of insolence! Who you think you will be status well before?!" Lian Heng roared."Waaaaa! Waaaa! Waaaaah!""Who the h.e.l.l do you find yourself?" Lian Heng spoke to Su Yang inside of a chilly and requiring speech."How about now?"The disciples exclaimed with terrified expression once they recognized the gravitational pressure from the problem. how many kingdoms are there in black clover Growth!"...""Allow me to see this b.a.s.t.a.r.d's experience!""..."On the other hand, no solution has come from Su Yang as he immediately hurried at Lian Heng following passing Wu Min to Wu Jingjing."Will you comprehend now?" Su Yang suddenly punched Lian Heng in the face again prior to he could even open up his jaws to react."HOW DARE YOU!"Lian Heng laughed arrogantly when he saw Su Yang rus.h.i.+ng at him in spite of his remarkable cultivation bottom. On the other hand, ahead of Lian Heng could even complete his sentence, Su Yang suddenly faded from his look at and shown up appropriate beside him in a very divided following, and one and only thing he spotted well before emotion strong pain was obviously a huge fist hovering towards his good looking face.After awakening from his daze a second afterwards, Lian Heng shouted loudly right before nearing them, "Avoid straight away!"Since the disciples didn't want Su Yang to state he was the father, it was subsequently still alarming to find out his confirmation.If a gal is no longer 100 % pure and seems to lose her condition for a maiden, especially when that gal is absolutely not wedded, they can be also known as a sullied women as well as other related phrases."..."Nevertheless, prior to he could even accomplish his phrase, Su Yang suddenly shown up before him instantly for instance a ghost and grabbed his robes through the chest muscles.