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Marvellousnovel fiction - Chapter 4629 - Su Yu's Additional Story (79) chess machine to you-p2 Emily Fox-Seton Novel-My Youth Began With Him-My Youth Began With HimChapter 4629 - Su Yu's Additional Story (79) amusing zippySu Yu reported a lot of in just one breathing. Though he didn’t compliment Huo Mian very much simply explained her as everyday.“Propose a marriage?” Mr. Su was stunned.“Propose a marriage?” Mr. Su was surprised.“Do all three folks have to go? Even your grandfather?” Mrs. Su became a tiny unclear.“Propose a marriage?” Mr. Su was amazed.Ahead of he left behind, he inquired Su Yu, “When are we proceeding?”“How numerous cars are we driving a car?” Grandaddy Su requested Su Yu seriously such as a child.“Yes, that is correct. It’s excellent to prevent a small description. Do not give your potential in-legislation any tension.” That old guy nodded and journeyed upstairs.Su Yu said a lot of within a breathing. Though he didn’t positive reviews Huo Mian a great deal and merely defined her as ordinary.Dad Su was still not used to it.Grand daddy Su: “…”“How numerous motor vehicles are we driving?” Grandaddy Su requested Su Yu truly such as a kid.“I do. I’ve actually identified her for many years and possess been observing her. It is just that I’ve only did start to connect to her just lately.”“How lots of cars and trucks are we driving a car?” Grandpa Su expected Su Yu severely much like a little one.“Did the lady agree nevertheless?” Grandaddy Su appreciated that Su Yu explained yesterday the fact that young lady didn’t recognize.“Sure… but you three must do something for me personally first.”“Will you be invalidated? If she rejects, it would be so awkward…” The previous learn laughed.“That girl… I feel she’s considering me too… but thanks to our household track record, she doesn’t believe me. She always considers I am the kind of person who takes on with people’s feelings… So, to convey my candor, I want to get married her.”“Grandpa, will you not jinx me?” Su Yu checked helpless.But in the long run, there had been an enormous reversal.Grandaddy Su: “…” on death ground sun tzu Grandfather Su: “…”Grandfather Su’s mischief resulted in Grandaddy Su is in a great mood, so his words resulted in he agreed upon.“But you do not have to be concerned. I’ll buy the dowry myself… You just have to assist me officially suggest marriage for an elder.”“Will you be declined? If she rejects, it might be so awkward…” The old expert laughed.