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Fabulousfiction Let Me Game in Peace - Chapter 977 - Absolute Defense servant advertisement suggest-p2Novel-Let Me Game in Peace-Let Me Game in PeaceChapter 977 - Absolute Defense vast wipeSword Tablet was very much like piloting swords. It could be used hands and fingers-cost-free, so there had been no need for him to utilize a sword to cut many others.The potency of Utter Safety was probably akin to Tyrant Behemoth’s Definite Energy. Even so, one was for offense while other was for safeguard.Just after screening the potency of the Galaxy Sh.e.l.l Dragon, Zhou Wen wasn’t inside the mood to spend your time with the old sword. He summoned Gentle Concealment Sword to address it.The more Zhou Wen applied Sword Dietary supplement, the more he thought it was easy. He decided to use the simple sword as a sparring lover and used all 3,000 sword intents.Even though it had been a straightforward sentence, Miya observed far better soon after hearing it. It was actually as though Zhou Wen could do it.“What’s wrong?” Miya required Zhou Wen in puzzlement when she noticed Tyrant Behemoth set across the an ice pack dragon tooth and prevent digging.Located on the crystal, Zhou Wen required out his cellphone to go on games and crushing dungeons. He didn’t know the length of time he essential to continue to be below, so since he possessed absolutely nothing to do, he gamed.“When can we leave behind?” Miya expected, but she was suddenly surprised. She discovered that she appeared to be overly reliant on the human facing her.Zhou Wen emerged in front of a sword burial place again and dragged out a quick sword.Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!In earlier times, she wouldn’t even spare men and women a glance, a smaller amount ask a real irrational problem.“What’s improper?” Miya inquired Zhou Wen in puzzlement when she noticed Tyrant Behemoth get on the ice cubes dragon teeth and quit excavating.Zhou Wen looked up at Miya and stated, “Don’t stress. I’ll help save them.”Generally If I will surely bring up Sword Capsule into the Mythical level at some point, will I be similar to the mythical sword immortals in thousands of years ago, in a position to behead enemies from thousands of kilometers away? the things remain same “What’s wrong?” Miya requested Zhou Wen in puzzlement when she found Tyrant Behemoth get along the ice-cubes dragon teeth and avoid excavating.On top of that, Sword Tablet didn’t get restrictions. It might use the moves considerably more frequently than when Zhou Wen applied them him or her self. Furthermore, it experienced much more freedom.Zhou Wen was somewhat happy.On top of that, Zhou Wen experienced personally pulled away swords and killed them when he explored Historical Sword Tomb dungeons in recent years. He hadn’t got Tyrant Behemoth to consider action, or it might have been challenging for him to achieve any information.Using a believed, the resplendent precious stone-like Sword Product made an appearance in front of Zhou Wen. Then, with Zhou Wen’s will, it stabbed for the small sword.Zhou Wen believed to themselves, but there is absolutely nothing he could do. This was the only answer he could think about at the moment.“When can we abandon?” Miya expected, but she was suddenly amazed. She found that she seemed to be overly dependent on a persons when in front of her.I contemplate if Sword Pill’s toughness can hold up against a Mythical tool.While he fought, Zhou Wen suddenly saw that there was no need for him to operate so hard. He didn’t need to do it themself. He was really a guy with Sword Product.The safeguard with the Galaxy Sh.e.l.l Dragon armor amazed Zhou Wen. It could prohibit the traditional sword’s infiltration without triggering Definite Security.Zhou Wen was somewhat happy.It wasn’t since he possessed identified an additional way to be sluggish, but because the effectiveness of Sword Capsule could actually conflict brain-on with a Mythical sword without being destroyed.It senses so excellent not having to utilize a sword to cut at many others. It is no wonder more and more people like traveling by air swords. It is indeed a skill ideal for idle individuals.Located on the crystal, Zhou Wen got out his telephone to carry on gambling and mincing dungeons. He didn’t know the time he had to be right here, so since he possessed nothing to do, he gamed.It thinks so great without needing to use a sword to slash at some others. It’s not surprising so many people like soaring swords. It is indeed a proficiency ideal for very lazy people today.The simple sword crammed the sky with flames mainly because it attacked Zhou Wen all over again. It had been clearly a Mythical fire-elemental historical sword. The power of the flames was rather potent.Zhou Wen was overjoyed. These kinds of armor’s protection was definitely an existence-protecting weapon. It was stronger than Dragon Size Armor.