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GGServers Ltd.Some attributesFirstSecondThirdUnknownGGServers is a sport server supplier that provides Minecraft server hosting and providers.[1] The company was based in 2013 so as to provide server hosting for the original Minecraft recreation, and has expanded it is services in an effort to assist the various plugins and mods developed by the Minecraft neighborhood.[2] As of March 2016, GGServers Ltd. is alleged to have served over 200,000 Minecraft servers to shoppers located all over the world.[3]History[]GGServers started offering their providers in mid-2013, working underneath the area ggservers.internet.[4] Initially beginning with Vanilla Minecraft hosting, they shortly expanded their services in an effort to accommodate several mods and plugins which are generally used inside the Minecraft Pc group.[5] In March 2016, they began working underneath the area and offering more providers corresponding to voice server hosting and hosting.[1]Performance[]GGServers gives their internet hosting services from 7 knowledge centers positioned in Montreal, Paris, Chicago, Los Angeles, Kansas, Las Vegas and Prague.[6] Customers of the platform are in a position to manage their Minecraft servers utilizing the Multicraft control panel. Users have created a wide range of use circumstances on the platform, together with support for Minecraft servers holding up to 1000 concurrent players.[3][7]↑ 1.0 1.1 "Need to build a Video Sport? Read This First". Inc. (magazine). 23 October 2015. Minecraft servers Retrieved 31 March 2016.↑ "GGServers Overview". Crunchbase. Retrieved 31 March 2016.↑ 3.0 3.1 "How A Minecraft Habit Turned Right into a Multinational Business". Fast Company (journal). Retrieved 31 March 2016.↑ "Server Hosting: Turning into a Necessity for a lot of Businesses Today". News Watch. Thirteen December 2015. Retrieved 31 March 2016.↑ "How Does a Sport Server Work?". Lacking or empty |url= (assist); |entry-date= requires |url= (assist)↑ "Get to know GGServers!". Retrieved 31 March 2016.↑ "GGServers Ltd details". Higher Business Bureau. Retrieved 31 March 2016. Minecraft servers