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The Sole Rep Visa, also recognized as the Sole Rep of an Overseas Business visa class is an UNITED KINGDOM immigration route intended for those who desire to establish a part of their international business in the united kingdom.BRITISH Sole Representative Australian visa RequirementsIf you want to be able to apply for this visa category, a person will first require to qualify in addition to satisfy the UK Immigration authorities that will your company fulfills certain standards while listed below.Your company is a genuine stock trading business.Your firm is without branch, subordinate company or other associates in the UK;Your aim is to establish a branch in the united kingdom that operates in exactly the same business area because the overseas business;You want to maintain the center of operations regarding the company abroad.The additional 20 points can be composed from one of more requirements listed below:You are a senior worker in the company;You have been recruited outside involving the UK;You may have the power in order to make operational choices on behalf of the business enterprise;You carry out not hold more than 50% of the particular shares;You perform not intend in order to take additional employment;You meet the English language specifications and are at the least CEFR Level A1 (speaking and listening);You have typically the means to maintain in addition to accommodate yourself fiscally. immigration lawyer dorset depends upon your situations.