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When you need exceptional power, speed, and complete control of each element of the server, you need to shift to dedicated hosting services to meet the demands of your business. it's all about games and game servers here With GoDaddy dedicated hosting services, you get superlative performance on your server and premium features to reduce the workload stress on your shoulders. You will get all the resources in one place so you can focus on your brand and pave its way to the top. The platform offers both self-managed and managed services. In this article, we have listed all the plans and described all the features so that you can make an informed decision before picking the suitable option. So, without any further delay, let us dive into this pool of information.GoDaddy Dedicated Hosting Overall RatingWith a 99.9% uptime guarantee, you can keep your mind at peace that your project will stay online all set to serve your customers properly. The GoDaddy dedicated server packs powerful resources that offer unmatched speed and performance. You enjoy complete control over all the elements of the server.There are two prime options namely, Linux and Windows. No matter the choice, you get full root access to the kernel, with which you can customize the things according to your requirements.Besides this, you can set an alert notification to stay updated with different aspects of your server. This way you can adjust your strategy and reap better fruit.You also get a choice between HDD and SSD. If you are looking for a better speed option, then SSD will cater to your needs. When it comes to security, you will get full DDoS protection on your network. Moreover, the single-tenant infrastructure keeps your data safe and secured. All the GoDaddy dedicated hosting plans come with free cPanel support. You can choose either cPanel or Plesk according to your OS. You can also choose between different Linux and Windows OS with GoDaddy’s dedicated servers. In all the plans offered by the platform, you will get free SSL for the first year. You can showcase the free SSL certificate on your project to improve the trust level of the visitors.All the plans include standard GoDaddy support. You can ask for help on any issue and the team will get back to you with the best possible solution in the least possible time. Besides this, you can get answers from the wide community support and expand your knowledge base by accessing the vast library of the platform.On top of all this, if you are not fully satisfied with the features and services, you can ask for a refund and you will get your money back within the first 30 days of the purchase without any unnecessary hassle.What we find as a drawback is the renewal terms. On the self-managed plans you can get the good price for a 2-year term. After that, however, the price will rack up. It can come as a nasty surprise if you are not informed beforehand. Considering that dedicated servers are quite expensive in general, it’s best to be fully aware of both starting and renewal prices and plan your budget accordingly.GoDaddy is not one of the cheapest options viable in the market when it comes to dedicated hosting services. The cheapest GoDaddy dedicated hosting price falls to $129.99 per month which comes with a two-year term plan. However, all the plans incorporate excellent features that return the whole amount of investment.You get free cPanel support with a choice of OS. Besides this, you get complete control over all the aspects of the server. All the plans come with an isolated environment and resources so you don’t need to worry about data security.On top of this, you will get DDoS protection over the network. The plans are perfect for projects where uptime and data latency holds critical importance. All the plans pack all the resources which will help you serve your customers seamlessly and spread the roots of your business in different markets with ease.There are two suites under the GoDaddy dedicated hosting services. If you are technically sound, then you can opt for self-managed plans. However, if you wish to focus on your business without taking any stress about server management, then the GoDaddy managed server is the best option. It is, however, a tad more expensive.You may find cheap alternatives in the market but with GoDaddy, you will enjoy supreme resources, premium features, robust security, and solid support.Types of GoDaddy Dedicated HostingGoDaddy offers two types of dedicated hosting, namely, self-managed and managed services. If you have a solid technical background and have ample time to manage everything, then self-managed plans will cater to all your needs. If you wish to focus on your business needs, then you can opt for managed plans and leave the stress of server management on the GoDaddy team. Both the suits come with HDD and SSD plans. HDD pans offer more storage space, while SSD plans give better speed and performance. Let us have a quick look at all the plans and understand the features they pack in detail.All the plans come with full admin privileges that give you full control over the bare metal servers. You can customize all the elements of the server according to the custom needs of your business to meet its demands properly. Also, you will get notifications about different metrics of your server with which you can adjust your marketing strategy and reap better fruit.Furthermore, you will get updated alerts at a 5-minute interval for your server. There are two different suites of plans under self-managed services, namely, HDD and SSD. You can opt for HDD plans to get more storage while SSD plans are perfect for high read-write speed.Self-Managed Dedicated ServerWith the SSD plans, you get 25 times more speed than the normal plans. DDoS protection and secure infrastructure is included in each one. Besides this, you get different OS and control panel choices. Having an industry-standard control panel will increase your productivity level. The platform guarantees a 99.9% uptime and promises reliable services. You’ll enjoy solid phone support and peer-to-peer community support with the GoDaddy platform. Besides this, you get free SSL for the year which you can showcase on your project to elevate their trust level in your brand. Here below, you will get all the details on different plans.The plan comes with 32 GB of RAM and 2 x 4 TB storage. You get a 3.0 GHz 4C/8T Turbo server which will offer you optimum performance for your next project. You just have to pay $129.99 per month for a 2-year term plan. It renews at $169.99.In this plan, it will cost you $169.99 per month for a 2-year term plan (renews at $219.99). You get a better processor in this plan than its predecessor and a 4.5 GHz 6C/12T Turbo server. You get 64 GB RAM here. However, the storage capacity remains the same as the previous plan that we have discussed.The plan offers better storage and RAM to the users than both the previous plans. It packs 128 GB RAM and two 8TB HDD storage disks. Having ample storage capacity and powerful RAM will never let you face any issues with your project. On top of this, you get a 2.9GHz 16C/32T Turbo server with a high-performance AMD processor. You can get all this by paying $299.99 per month for a 2-year term plan. Renewal price is $359.99.This plan comes with the same configuration in processor, server, and storage as the previous plan. The main difference is in the RAM capacity. You get 256 GB of RAM for $399.99 per month for a 2-year term plan. This plan packs the highest resources in the HDD suite and best suits people who need to enjoy high storage capacity, optimum performance, and speed. It renews at $499.99.DS-32The plan comes with 32 GB of RAM and two 500 GB SSD disks at $139.99 per month for two years. You get a powerful Intel processor with a 4C/8T Turbo server (3GHZ). The plan is perfect for projects where you need low data latency and high read-write speed. This plan will renew at $179.99.DS-64Comes with 6C/12T Turbo server (4.5GHz) and an Intel processor. It offers 64 GB of RAM so you can get better speed. The storage capacity is the same as its predecessor. However, for a better processor and RAM, you will pay $179.99 per month for two years. Renewal price is $229.99.DS-128For $319.99 per month for 2 years (renews at $379.99) you get your hands on an AMD processor and a 2.9 GHz 16C/32T Turbo server. Moreover, you get two 1 TB SSD disks for ample storage and 128 GB RAM. Having these powerful resources at your disposal, you can easily spread the roots of your online business to different markets and unlock new possibilities.DS-256Here you’ll pay $419.99 per month for two years. It will renew at $519.99. You get the same configurations in storage capacity, processor, and server. However, you enjoy better RAM with this plan. You get a vast 256 GB of RAM which is more than enough to handle complex queries and high traffic without any lag.Fully Managed Dedicated ServerWith the fully managed services of the GoDaddy platform, you get a dedicated team for your server that will handle all your issues in the least possible time. The team will provide expert support 24/7 so that your website stays online without any lag and caters to all the requests of your customers.They will monitor different aspects of the server and take the best action course to solve the issue. In case any major action is required, the team will alert you in time. They keep the server upgraded so that you don’t need to waste time applying patch and updates. The team monitors the network so that your data stays safe.Besides this, you get DDoS protection over the network. The team conducts performance analysis and security audits to stay updated with the current scenario of the server. They also help you set up a local backup so that in case of an accident you can easily restore your data and get back online quickly.In case you are running your website with any other platform but want to shift to GoDaddy, then the team will handle the whole migration process. You don’t need to worry about any aspect of the process. Just sit back and let the experts migrate your website to the GoDaddy platform properly. Best part is that at the moment all fully-managed plans renew at the same price! Let’s dive into the details of the plans for both HDD and SSD suites.HDDThe plan comes with an Intel processor and a 3.0 GHz Turbo server. You get 32 GB of RAM in this plan with two 4 TB hard disks to store your data. You get dedicated support from the industrious team at GoDaddy, assisting with all your issues and queries. To avail the plan, you have to pay $239.98 per month for the first two years.With this plan, you get a better Intel processor than the previous plan. You get a 4.5 GHz Turbo 6C/12T server with 64 GB of RAM. The storage capacity remains the same as the previous plan. However, you have to pay $279.98 per month for the first two years to enjoy the premium services. Besides this, you get managed support from the expert GoDaddy team.If you wish to increase the storage, and RAM and enjoy a better processor and server for your next project without any stress of server management then this plan is the best option for you. By paying $409.98 per month for a 2-year term plan, you get 128 GB of RAM, a powerful AMD processor, and a 16C/32T Turbo server. You also get two 8 GB hard disks for storing your data.The plan encompasses the same configuration as the previous one besides RAM. By paying $509.98 per month for the first two years, you get everything as the previous plan with an increased RAM of 256 GB.SSDDS-32 (Managed support)Enjoy managed services with powerful resources in your hand with this basic GoDaddy dedicated hosting plan. You get 32 GB of RAM with two 500 GB SSD disks. You get a Xeon-D processor and 4C/8T Turbo server. The monthly tariff for this plan is $249.98 for the first two years.DS-64 (Managed support)This plan comes with better configurations than its predecessor. You get 64 GB of RAM with a Xeon-E processor. You get the same storage capacity but a better 6C/12T Turbo server. Besides this, a dedicated team will offer expert support 24/7 for all your issues. It will cost you $289.98 per month for the first two years to enjoy the premium services.DS-128 (Managed support)The plan offers better storage and RAM to the users than both the previous plans. By paying $429.98 per month for 2 years, you get your hands on an AMD processor and a 2.9 GHz 16C/32T Turbo server. Besides this, you get two 1 TB SSD disks to store your data and enjoy high read-write speed.DS-256 (Managed support)The plan encompasses better RAM than the previous plan. You will get an increased 256 GB of RAM for $529.99 per month for a term of two years. Besides this everything is the same as the previous plan.Dedicated hosting featuresWhen you think about dedicated hosting, you look for dedicated resources, an isolated environment, and a custom server that caters to your business needs properly. With GoDaddy, you get a bare-metal server that is isolated from all the users.There is no virtualization technology on the server so no one can use it. You get full root access to customize the server according to your personal needs. Besides this, the expert team can help you with all your issues and provides the best solution for your queries. it's all about games and game servers here FeaturesOn top of this, you get tons of other features that increase the productivity level and reduce the workload stress on your shoulders. Here we have mentioned the prime features that you will enjoy with GoDaddy’s dedicated hosting services.Content MigrationThe best thing with GoDaddy’s dedicated hosting services is that you don’t have to stress about the migration process if you wish to shift to the platform. The expert team handles all the aspects of the process and shifts your project from your current platform to the GoDaddy platform.Even if you are using a custom login page they will collaborate with you and shift all the sensitive data without any loss. You don’t have to worry about anything. Just sit back, relax and let the expert team handle everything.Quick and easy setupWith GoDaddy’s dedicated hosting services, the team helps you set up the email client, WordPress, DNS, and SSL so that you can be more productive. You get different tools in your hands with which you can complete more work without going through any unnecessary hassle. The expert team at GoDaddy performs all the set ups for you. This allows you to focus on your business and other fronts to reap better profits.SupportWhen you opt for GoDaddy’s dedicated hosting services you get a solid backhold of the platform’s support system. You get full support with all your issues and queries. The team offers standard phone support with all your queries. Besides this, you can tap into the vast blog and videos to expand your knowledge base and add more arrows to your quiver. You can also post your questions in the community forum and seek expert advice from the vast community of the platform. If you have opted for managed services, then you will get the support of a dedicated team that will manage your server and help you with your issues 24/7.SecurityThe best thing with GoDaddy’s dedicated hosting services is that you get single-tenant infrastructures. This means your infrastructure is isolated from everything and is not shared with anyone. You get access to isolated resources and an environment where you can customize the whole server according to your needs. Besides this, the team conducts security audits to stay updated and offer undaunted services on your server. At the network level, you get DDoS protection which further adds extra protection to your data.Control PanelHaving an interactive control panel by your side helps you manage different things with ease. You can be more productive and reduce the work stress from your shoulders. Controlling everything from a single dashboard helps you complete work in less time. With GoDaddy, you get industry-standard cPanel or Plesk support. You can opt for any option according to your choice of OS or custom needs. These control panels will help you earn better profits by handling everything efficiently.Monitoring and AlertsIn all the plans, you can monitor different metrics of the server and adjust your future strategy accordingly. You can even opt for alert notifications with which you can stay informed about everything and mitigate proper solutions in time. The alert interval is 5 minutes if you choose self-managed services. This window is further reduced to 1 minute if you opt for managed services. Under the managed option, a dedicated team monitors everything 24/7 so that you enjoy better uptime and undaunted services.Money-back guaranteeIf you are not satisfied with the services of the platform, then you can get a refund on your invested money within the first 30 days of your purchase. Be aware that this clause is valid for hosting services that have a time period of a year or more. For the monthly plans, you can only get the refund within the first 48 hours of the purchase.Performance4.7Staying online is critical when you wish to create a solid customer base and take your business to the top. Besides this, if you are working with a data-critical project, then data latency and uptime becomes even more important.GoDaddy promises superlative uptime and guarantees reliable services to all the customers. Here we have discussed some of the important aspects with which you can analyze the performance level of the platform.SpeedWith a bare-metal server and isolated resources, you will experience high speed and performance on your server. The resources are not shared with anyone, so you get the full power of them with which you will get exceptional speed on your server. Besides this, you can opt for SSD plans to get better read-write speed.UptimeWhether you are a veteran or a newbie, staying online in this capricious online market has now become a necessity. If you are not able to serve your customers properly, they will look for other alternatives and your business will incur heavy losses.GoDaddy guarantees 99.9% server uptime. This means you will enjoy undaunted services with which you can serve your customers smoothly. Besides this, the support team monitors the network and gives proper alerts so that you can make an informed decision on time to stay online.Response TimeWith a bare-metal server, isolated resources, and environment, you will experience unmated response time with GoDaddy’s dedicated hosting service. You get full root access, so you can adjust everything according to your business needs. Besides this, nothing is shared with anyone so you enjoy the full computational power of the server for your project.Load timeWith superior Intel and AMD processors, all the plans are fully equipped to offer the best load time. The visitors don’t have to wait longer for your site to work efficiently. They will get prompt responses to all their requests and enjoy a seamless experience.Owing to the user-friendly control panel, all GoDaddy dedicated hosting plans include the provision of industry-standard WHM/cPanel or even Plesk that can smoothly run on Linux. Opting for GoDaddy Windows dedicated server will allow you to stay informed using its alert notifications that help in monitoring some important aspects such as server uptime, domains, and resources (RAM, storage, and CPU).Not just this, with GoDaddy dedicated WordPress hosting, you get one-click installation at your fingertips and you get everything running in a single day.Ease of UseVisit GoDaddyAlso, if you opt for fully managed services, you will not have to worry about anything at all. GoDaddy’s server experts will manage all your custom server configurations on your behalf. Thus, making it super easy for you to take care of all the things properly.Perks of the dedicated serverWhen the needs of your business are not fulfilled by the shared and VPS hosting services, then you need to upscale to dedicated hosting. With dedicated hosting, you get isolated resources and a server which is not shared with anyone. The whole infrastructure is dedicated to your needs. No one can access your server or resources. With GoDaddy, there is no virtualization in the dedicated services and you enjoy single-tenant infrastructure with full root access.Besides this, with dedicated services, you can monitor different metrics of the server and adjust your strategy accordingly. You can squeeze the best performance out of your server which is not possible with VPS and shared. You experience better speed and performance on the server. As you don’t share resources, the tendency of failure reduces and you get better uptime. You enjoy a greater degree of reliability with the services. On top of this, you can customize the things according to your needs and control everything to reap better fruit.Moreover, you get better security than the shared and VPS option. As no one can access your resources or server, the chance of data theft reduces drastically.Final VerdictHere is everything to know about the GoDaddy dedicated hosting services. All the plans come with premium features and ample resources that will help you take your project to the top and reap good profits. The price may be more than some of the alternatives available in the market, but the platform returns the whole value of your investment by offering dedicated support, advanced tools, and superlative performance on the server.We have discussed different plans in detail. You can go through them and funnel down the best option for your next project. We have also listed the prime features that you will enjoy with the dedicated hosting services of the platform. Besides this, you can analyze the performance of the platform by going through different metrics mentioned in the above article. So, if you are looking for a platform to opt for dedicated hosting services, then you should go through the whole guide to get all the details about GoDaddy’s dedicated services. You will get all the details under one hood which will save your time and you can make a wise decision for your next project.Dedicated hosting refers to the hosting type in which you get access to a dedicated server along with a plethora of dedicated resources to cater to large online traffic smoothly. It is an ideal option for all those looking for more control over the server. It enables them to fulfill their specific requirements and only then, enterprise-level companies can get their traffic needs met properly. Owing to more resource allocation, dedicated hosting plans are costly and would require technical expertise for hassle-free management.A VPS is considered best suited for both small as well as medium-sized business ventures. Its superb affordability helps you to easily handle the growing traffic towards the business. There is less need for technical expertise as well.On the other hand, dedicated servers are considered perfect for all enterprise-level business ventures. Since these businesses already have high traffic, you will have to gain good technical exposure to handle such high-end needs properly. Moreover, you will have to pay more owing to the server customization and full management.GoDaddy proffers a plethora of hosting packages. Their details are shared below:⦁ Web Hosting: This includes all the pocket-friendly shared hosting plans encompassing all platforms, be it Linux or Windows. There is a specific package for WordPress as well.⦁ VPS Hosting: This includes two reliable hosting modes with improved speeds, ease of use, RAM and performance. You can opt for any between self and fully managed hosting types.⦁ Dedicated Server: This includes special plans for HDD and SSD to handle the increasing traffic needs of your well-established business. The best part is that it imparts total control to handle all your site needs in the best manner.⦁ Reseller Hosting: This includes 4 types of plans for both cPanel as well as WHMCS to offer excellent client services round the clock.A dedicated server is the most expensive option when it comes to hosting. In general prices vary between $100 and $600, depending on the features - whether it is self-managed or fully-managed, RAM, storage, etc. So, just be prepared with your budget. As dedicated hosting provides you with the best performance and security, it’s understandable the prices are so high. It’s not suitable for everyone, though. Dedicated hosting is mostly aimed at established businesses, large companies and brands who are looking for the highest speed and ample storage.Yes, dedicated hosting comes with the requirement of having technical expertise in managing the server. Also, if you opt for self-managed services, you get absolute control over the server leading to the need for advanced server configuration knowledge. It helps maintain great speed and power-packed server performance. But if you don’t want to expend your time and energy in managing the server, there is an option for fully managed services that allow GoDaddy’s expert team to tackle all your configuration changes easily.Setting up a GoDaddy managed server is quite convenient. It is because GoDaddy provides a great intuitive platform to all its users so that they can easily set up and manage all the server configurations swiftly. Even if you are not that technically sound, you can easily operate the basic functions. However, for further management, you will need advanced server configuration knowledge for the best functions.If you opt for managed services, then everything will be set up by the expert team. DNS, CMS, SSL and several other things are managed by the GoDaddy team. So, if you don’t have the skills or time to manage the server you can opt for managed services and let the excellent support team handle all the complexities.Yes, you will surely get the SSL certificate for free if you opt for any annual dedicated server plan. However, mind you, it is only applicable for the plan’s first year. This means that you will have to pay after one year of free SSL service. Be aware that the certificate will renew on its own once your plan finishes. Thus, if you want to cancel the services, you would have do it manually. All you need to do is go to your GoDaddy account and cancel the SSL certificate once the year passes.