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What insurance company must I go with if I'am planning to begin driving at 17 with a low rider?Any kind of sites just like travel sites where I could examine the best rates open to mecheap rates"Back August I bumped into a fixed automobile in a car park. I apologised right away and waited for the gentleman to come back. (when its your mistake in existence possess up) He was initially annoyed (fair enough) but continued to inform me that someone else had pulled into his car lately and triggered 600 worth of injury (the other driver had sped down and hed previously had a for your work). I cant remember the precise text of the following touch - nevertheless it was realized that I would spend whatever it cost together with that to fix the area (bumper / aspect spot location) We traded details. I told my insurance carrier what had happened as well as the past damage. There have been likewise photos obtained during the time that I forwarded on (uncertain if they were truly any aid) Next I hear his insurance company has greeted mine with a statement for 700. The total amount for correcting his car