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QuoteThey will be available in two different versions You can also have both. My concern is that they are planning to end Java edition and then saying "well, the majority of Java players are using Windows and therefore they can just play Bedrock!" Java supports Windows 7 and higher, while Bedrock is compatible with Windows 10 or later. I fear that Microsoft will decide that there is no reason to maintain two distinct codebases once Windows 7 and 8 are removed. I'd like to point out that this isn't because of Microsoft's conflict of interest in (not) supporting Linux. None of the big game studios and not even Valve or Paradox will bring full-sized games to Linux unless they are able to utilize the majority of the software that is available for Windows. If a developer decides not to support the Windows version of a proprietary Linux game this would mean that it would be removed from the Linux community. Quote: mr. VictoryQuoteNot that is particularly relevant to Linux players It does matter for me. I had the bedrock edition only because java was way more expensive but now I can play minecraft on linux. The last time I checked, purchasing BE on one platform didn’t allow me to play it on another platform. Is that the case? Does purchasing Minecraft on desktop now give you Bedrock on Android, or vice versa?